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Utilizing MIDI Banks on MultiTracks.comWhat are MIDI banks and how can they be used?
HOW TO | Create Setlists in PlaybackLearn how to create, edit, and share setlists with your team in Playback.
HOW TO | Tap Tempo in PlaybackHow to utilize TAP TEMPO in the Playback app on MacOS, iOS, and iPadOS.
Adding Click Sections Within a Song in PlaybackInformation and steps on adding infinite click song section anywhere in a song in Playback.
HOW TO | Custom Click Sound in PlaybackHow to upload and utilize fully customizable/custom click sounds in the Playback app.
Utilizing Playback Automations LiveDetails on behavior and actions when utilizing automations in the Playback app from
HOW TO | Save Playback Custom ArrangementsInformation on saving and recalling custom arrangements in the Playback app.
HOW TO | Automations in PlaybackHow to automate track faders and more in the Playback app from
HOW TO | Create Custom Arrangements in PlaybackInformation on creating custom arrangements in Playback by re-arranging song sections and more.
HOW TO | Save MIDI cues to the cloud in PlaybackA brief guide on saving MIDI cues to the cloud for future recall in Playback, and troubleshooting tips.
HOW TO | SMPTE timecode in PlaybackGetting started using SMPTE in Playback.
HOW TO | Setup TouchOSC to control Playback (MIDI)How to use the TouchOSC app from HEXLER to control Playback wirelessly over a network.
HOW TO | Import Planning Center Plans into PlaybackConnect your and Planning Center accounts and import your Sunday service directly into Playback!
HOW TO | Send MIDI Clock out of PlaybackSync the tempo of your external devices to Playback with MIDI Clock.
How To | Create & Edit Cloud Song Sections in PlaybackLearn how to add song section markers to any Cloud Song directly in Playback.
How To | Add & Edit MIDI Cues in PlaybackControl lyrics, lights, and more by adding MIDI Notes, control change, and program change messages to songs directly in Playback.
Enabling Push Notifications in PlaybackReceive automatic setlist updates, MIDI Cue changes, and Rentals notifications in Playback.
Intro to Song PadsLearn how to stay in the moment with Song Specific Ambient Pads crafted to match the style and sound of songs in our Catalog.
HOW TO | AutoPan in PlaybackInformation on AutoPan in Playback; smart routing with a single stereo output.
HOW TO | Change the key and tempo of a song in Playback?Transpose the key and tempo of any song in Playback, with or without internet connection.
Playback Video TutorialsAccess a full collection of videos covering Playback features.
Does my MIDI Controller work with Playback?See if your MIDI Controller is compatible with Playback, as well as some recommended gear.
Playback Rental Transfer (NEW)New in Playback, Transfer rentals in a setlist from one device to another as a one-time transfer.