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HOW TO | Automations in Playback

How to automate track faders and more in the Playback app from

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Before getting started:

What's required?

  • Playback v8.0.0 or newer

  • Playback Premium license/seat

For information on automation behavior during live use, see: Utilizing Playback Automations Live

What are automations in Playback?

Automations is the newest feature in Playback that introduces a way to automate functions in Playback for live use. Create instant changes, or gradual changes over a set number of beats for the specific song. For example, automate the mix of the stems or busses of any song at a certain point or automate the pad player to come in at just the right moment, with just the right mix.

What can be automated in Playback?

The following Playback functions can be automated in Playback:

  • Click and Guide:

    • Main Click Mute/Unmute

    • Main Click Volume Fader

    • Controls for Playback's built-in click

      • Click Subdivisions Mute/Unmute

      • Click Subdivisions Volume Fader

      • Accent Mute/Unmute

      • Accent Volume Fader

  • Stems and Busses:

    • Stem Mute/Unmute

    • Stem Volume Fader

    • Bus Mute/Unmute

    • Bus Volume Fader

  • Pad Player Controls

    • Pad Player on/off

    • Pad Player Bus Mute/Unmute

    • Pad Player Bus Fader

    • Pad Player Stem Mute/Unmute

    • Pad Player Stem Fader

  • Other controls:

    • Mute Midi On/Off

How to create Automations in Playback

  1. Tap "Edit," select "Automation" from the edit menu drawer, and then use the + sign on the timeline to add an automation point anywhere on the timeline for a specific song or click track.

  2. Add a name for the automation, choose the transition length (Instant or gradual over x number of beats), add an optional description to easily understand the automation for future editing, and then click "Add" in the top right to create the automation point.

  3. Then the final step is selecting the function(s) that are to be automated with that automation point. Anything highlighted in green can be automated.

  4. Continue to add automation points as needed for the songs in your setlist and click "Done" in the top right to exit out of automation edit mode.

  5. Press play and watch your automations in action!

Editing Automations in Playback

Workflow tools for adding and editing automation points in Playback.

Tapping on a particular automation point will jump the played to that point, and allow you to make changes to that automation point. Add or remove functions, or change the transition length and more from the automation edit menu by tapping on the automation name as well.

Copy/Paste automations

Copy and paste automation points easily with the copy and paste options when editing and adding new automation points.

Removing individual functions from an automation

To remove individual functions within an automation, simply select the red delete icon (-) that's connected to the automation function you want to remove from the current automation point.

Deleting automation points

To delete an automation point, either select "Delete Cue" from the automation point menu, or tap the three dot menu in the top-left with the automation point selected, and select "Delete Automation Cue" from the menu.

How to Save and Load Automations in Playback

Automations can be saved within a setlist, and/or within Custom Arrangements. (More info)

  • Saving Automations Within a Setlist
    Saving your setlist to the cloud from the setlist menu (middle button in the top-right of the Playback interface) will save the automations in that setlist, and allow you to share the automations across devices. Saving them in the setlist will also be useful for future reference when using the same setlist from the cloud.
    Automations are automatically saved to a setlist when the setlist is saved to the cloud from the setlist menu.

  • Saving Automations Within a Custom Arrangement
    Saving automations within a custom arrangement is perfect for recalling specific automations when doing the same songs in different setlists in the future. So if you really like the way you do a particular song, you can save that custom arrangement to instantly load it in the exact same way in future setlists. Automations and all.

Note: Custom Arrangements requires Cloud Pro INTRO or higher. (More info)

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