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HOW TO | Create Custom Arrangements in Playback
HOW TO | Create Custom Arrangements in Playback

Information on creating custom arrangements in Playback by re-arranging song sections and more.

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Before getting started

Playback has a host of features that allow you to change the aspects of a song to make original master tracks from our catalogue work for your specific needs. Changing the key, the tempo, the song sections and more to make a unique arrangement is extremely fast and easy in Playback!


  • A Playback Pro or Playback Premium seat is required to create custom arrangements in Playback. Learn More.

Note: If wanting to save arrangements to the cloud for future recall, Cloud Pro Intro or higher is required. More info here.

Editing Song Sections

You can edit song sections for a song by enabling general “Edit” mode in Playback. Enter setlist edit mode by tapping the “Edit” button on the top-right of the app.

You’ll then see + and - icons on each song section to either delete the song section or add a song section.

Editing a Song’s Key and Tempo

You can also change the key and/or tempo of a song in Playback as well. Changing the song’s key and tempo can either be done before downloading the song when adding the song into the setlist (preferred), or after downloading in the song’s edit menu. Click the three dot icon on the song you wish to edit (···) and then find the “Key” or “Tempo” options in the song’s edit menu.

Creating a Mix

Selecting Tracks

When adding a song into a setlist, or after downloaded, you can hide tracks and remove them from the song by using the “Tracks” menu under “Content” in the song’s edit menu.

Muting Tracks and Buses

Tracks and busses can easily be muted by tapping the track or bus name/label underneath the track or bus fader toward the bottom of the app.

Tips: If tapping a track name doesn’t unmute the track, check the bus that the particular track is routed to and confirm the bus is not muted.

Mixing with Track and Bus Faders

You can use the faders for tracks and busses to create a mix that suites your needs! You can also MIDI-map to these faders to control them with an external MIDI controller or MIDI software.

Saving Custom Arrangements to the cloud for future recall

Whether renting tracks, or using your own purchased or cloud tracks in Playback, you can save arrangements to the cloud for future recall to save time in service prep each week. Learn more in the article HOW TO | Save Playback Custom Arrangements.

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