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A description of all of the available MIDI mappable controls in the Playback app.

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Almost every aspect of the Playback apps live features can be controlled via MIDI information. In this guide, you'll find information and what all of the different functions are in MIDI mapping mode, and what can be controlled.

Transport Controls Mapping

At the very top of the Playback app, you're met with a lot of options. From the Top-left, to right you have:

  • Tap Tempo (Learn More)

  • Pad Player Toggle (On/Off)

  • Automation Snapping to revert overwritten automation functions (Learn More)

  • Move playhead to start of the current selected song tile

  • Play/Pause

  • Fade out / Fade in toggle

Song and Song Section Navigation Mapping

Right underneath the transport controls are Song and Song Section navigation options.

Including, Highlight previous Song tile, Highlight Previous Song Section, Select (Jump to), Highlight Next Song Section, Highlight Next Song tile.

Looping, and MIDI Mute Functions

To the left of the "Master" fader in the bottom right corner are buttons to either live loop, mute outgoing MIDI, or toggle to different layers in the Playback interface.

Song Position Mapping

It is also possibly to map to a song’s position instead of mapping to a song. Here’s the main difference:

  • Mapping to the song means that mapping will be specific to that song and will persist across all setlists on that device, no matter where that song is in a setlist.

  • Mapping to the song position means the mapping will always be that song position, and will always be mapped to the position, regardless of what is loaded into that song tile position.

Song Section Mapping

MIDI controls can also be mapped to specific song sections within specific songs.

Song Section mapping is song-specific and is not global across songs.

Fader Volume, Solo, and Mute mapping

In the "Busses" and "Stems" layer in the mixer toward the bottom of the Playback app, any bus or stem fader can be mapped to either Solo, Mute, or control the fader position for a specific bus or stem.

Note: Stem mapping is song-specific so mapping to the "EG 1" stem of song 1 will not effect the "EG 1" stem of song 2. Bus Fader Mapping can be used on the "Busses" tab to control buss volumes and settings.

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