Control major functions of Playback with your favorite MIDI keyboard or controller, including the play button, song tiles, and mixer faders.

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How do I connect my MIDI Controller to Playback?

Your MIDI controller can be connected to Playback in a variety of ways. We recommend connecting your MIDI controller directly by a USB 3 camera adapter, through a powered USB hub, or a MIDI-enabled audio interface. Audio/MIDI interfaces provide a number of ways to connect Playback to your MIDI controller, including direct USB, 5-Pin DIN connections, or even ethernet MIDI.

How do I enable MIDI Mapping Mode?

  1. Tap and Hold the Edit Button. This will bring up Playback's multiple edit modes.

  2. Choose the MIDI Mapping mode. Now every MIDI-mappable function in Playback will have a blue overlay.

  3. Tap the Playback function you would like to map. Once a song tile, button, or fader has been selected, it will be indicated by a white outline.

  4. Tap the button on your MIDI controller you would like to map to this Playback action. If successful, you will see an indicator showing the MIDI Channel and the MIDI note, CC, or PC message has been mapped to the Playback action.

Transport Controls in Playback

After enabling MIDI mapping mode, you’ll notice arrows appear toward the top-left of the app. These are transport controls that can be used to navigate to any song or section in your setlist with just the MIDI controller! The arrows are used to navigate song tiles in the setlist, or song sections in the currently-selected song, and the check mark is the select button to initiate the transition and queue up that next song or song section that was selected.

Song Position Mapping (NEW!)

It is also possibly to map to a song’s position instead of mapping to a song. Here’s the main difference:

  • Mapping to the song means that mapping will be specific to that song and will persist across all setlists on that device, no matter where that song is in a setlist.

  • Mapping to the song position means the mapping will always be that song position, and will always be mapped to the position, regardless of what is loaded into that song tile position.

MIDI Controls behavior

It’s important to understand certain MIDI behavior inside of Playback to operate the app with confidence.

Supported MIDI Messages

Currently, Playback will only support MIDI messages with a velocity higher than 0. Note on and note off events with a velocity of 0 will not be recognized by the app.

We recommend referencing the user manual for your MIDI controller if running into any issues with MIDI messages being sent.

Video Guide: Connecting hardware

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