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Recommended troubleshooting steps when encountering issues mapping a MIDI controller to Playback

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Helpful Information

Playback currently only supports to the following MIDI information:

  • MIDI Notes

    • Must be a NOTE ON event with a velocity between 1-126.

    • Note ON events with a velocity of 0 will not be recognized by Playback.

    • Note OFF Events will not be recognized by Playback.

  • MIDI Control Change (CC) Messages.

  • MIDI Program Change (PC) Messages.

How to TroubleShoot MIDI Connections to Playback

The first and best step in troubleshooting MIDI connections to Playback is ensuring the Playback device is receiving the correct and expected MIDI information from the MIDI Controller. To best do this, we recommend installing a free MIDI Monitor App on the Playback device, and using that to monitor incoming MIDI.

MIDI Monitor App Download and Setup

After downloading the MIDI Monitor app of choice, set the MIDI INPUT SOURCE in the app's settings to the MIDI Controller you have connected, or the wireless network you're using if sending MIDI over the network.

Next, we're ready to test the MIDI information coming into the Playback device. Simply activate the MIDI device by pressing the buttons or enabling the MIDI from the MIDI device, and then take note of what, if any, MIDI data is populating in the MIDI IN section of your MIDI Monitor app.

No MIDI Populating in MIDI Monitor App

If no MIDI is populating in the MIDI Monitor App,

  • Review and make sure you've set up the MIDI Monitoring app to monitor MIDI from the correct source.

  • Disconnect and reconnect the MIDI device.

  • Replace the USB cable, or try troubleshooting the MIDI Device to make sure it's working properly.

Receiving MIDI in MIDI Monitor App, but not in Playback

If MIDI is populating in the MIDI Monitor app, but not in the Playback app, ensure that the MIDI information the device is sending matches the above requirements, and is not sending MIDI Notes with a velocity of 0.

  • Ensure you're enabling MIDI Mapping Mode correctly
    Make sure you're entering MIDI Mapping Edit Mode and selecting the on-screen control you want to map data too. You can follow the full mapping guide here.

  • Device sending Note On with velocity 0
    If your device is sending a MIDI note with a velocity of 0, you can manipulate this MIDI data with different apps. If on iPadOS, you can manipulate the incoming MIDI with the MIDIMITTR app available on iOS and iPadOS.

If you're still experiencing an issue not listed above, and have exhausted the troubleshooting steps, contact our support team for further information!

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