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Does my MIDI Controller work with Playback?
Does my MIDI Controller work with Playback?

See if your MIDI Controller is compatible with Playback, as well as some recommended gear.

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MIDI Mapping in Playback offers hands-free control of your tracks during live performance with your favorite MIDI Controller and is unlocked with a Playback Pro subscription.

Playback's MIDI engine is widely compatible with most controllers that send MIDI Notes or CC messages and can receive MIDI through a variety of connections. Connect your MIDI controller to Playback using a lightning-to-USB camera adaptor, through a powered USB hub, through an audio/MIDI interface, and more. Learn how to connect Playback to your MIDI controller here.

While most MIDI Controllers are compatible with Playback with the proper connections, some controllers are better suited for controlling Playback than others. We would recommend using a foot controller for hands-free operation of Playback during services or a lightweight controller that focuses on faders for mixer control and buttons for transport control.

Recommended Foot Pedal MIDI Controller:

  • DMC-6/8 Foot controller: Use this pedal's Access Mode to send MIDI Notes to Playback functions such as Play/pause, Live ReOrder, song selection, track muting, and more. With 6 or 8 physical buttons (depending on which foot controller) and multiple banks to scroll through, map as many MIDI commands to Playback as you need.

Recommended Non-Pedal MIDI Controllers

  • Akai LPD-8: This portable and affordable controller offers 8 physical buttons for mapping MIDI notes, 8 knobs for controlling mixer faders, and two "program" presets which double the number of functions in Playback you can control.

  • Korg Nanokontrol: The Nanokontrol has transport controls for mapping to the Play/Pause, Fade button, and more. The physical faders are a great tool for controlling Playback's mixer panel to change track volumes.

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