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Utilizing Playback Automations Live
Utilizing Playback Automations Live

Details on behavior and actions when utilizing automations in the Playback app from

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Automations requires a Playback Premium license and version 8.0.0 or newer.

If just getting started with automations, we recommend the HOW TO article.

After setting up your automations in Playback (See HOW TO | Playback Automations), Playback is ready to automate these functions for you. There is new behavior and functions added to the Playback app to help navigate certain scenarios during live use.

Interacting with Automated Functions

Functions that have been automated in Playback (when interacted with outside of Edit mode) can be overwritten and set into state where they are not triggered by automation points. These functions can also be re-synced to be automated again with the press of a new button. (More info below)

  • Orange (Overwritten) Functions
    If a certain Playback function is included in any automation point in a particular song, and is interacted with outside of automation edit mode, that function will turn orange.
    When a Playback function is orange, this means that particular automated function is overwritten and will no longer be triggered or controlled by any automation points in that song.
    Ex. If your EG 3 track is automated to turn down in verse 2 of a song, and a Playback operator moves the fader manually during audio Playback, or outside of Automation edit mode, that EG 3 fader will turn orange, and any automations triggering the EG 3 volume will be ignored.

  • Re-syncing Overwritten automation functions
    A new on-screen control will now be present at the top transport section of Playback to the left of the Play/Pause button. This new button, when green, means there's a function that's been overwritten. When activated, this button will re-activate the orange controls and will get the fader where it's supposed to be based on the most-recent automation cue, and will re-sync the function so it's controlled by future automation points again.

Looping Song Sections with Automations

When looping a song section that includes an automation, any function that is automated will remain in the same state it was at the end of that looping song section. Automated functions will not jump back to a previous state when looping a song section, and will persist until another automation point is reached.

  • Scenario 1 (Single Automation point):
    When there is a single automation point in a particular song section, the very first time the song section is played, the automation point will appropriately automate all functions included in that automation point. When looped consecutive times, all automated functions will remain at their current state, post-automation, and no automations will occur the second time through the song section.

  • Scenario 2 (Multiple Automation points):
    When there are multiple automations in a particular song section, the very first time the song section is played, the automation points will appropriately automate all functions all functions included in all the automations. When looped consecutive times, the automated functions will remain at the state they were at the end of that same song section, until an automation point is passed that changes that function's state again.

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