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HOW TO | Custom Click Sound in Playback
HOW TO | Custom Click Sound in Playback

How to upload and utilize fully customizable/custom click sounds in the Playback app.

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Before getting started:

Confirm that your click samples are in the following format:

  • For best results, each click/guide sample’s transient must be as close to the beginning of the file as possible.

  • Sample/bit rate for samples must be 44.1kHz and 16 bit.

  • Upload must be a .zip file containing m4a files.

  • Samples must all be stereo.

  • File names cannot contain symbols (&, /, *, etc).

  • Each sample must be between 0.2 and 2 seconds.

How to upload custom click and audio files

  1. Navigate to the “Playback” tab of the account pages, and select “Custom Click and Guide” from the left menu.

  2. Simply drag and drop a .zip folder or choose “upload” and navigate to the .zip file you’d like to upload.

  3. Then designate each file with its’ corresponding subdivision label.

Loading Custom Click Sounds in Playback

To load the custom click sounds in Playback, open Playback’s settings and go to “General” tab > “Click Sound” and select the “Custom Click” sound from the click sound menu.

Your click sound is then downloaded and ready to use in Playback!

Force-Update Click Sounds in Playback

If changes are ever made to a custom click sound on the website, the changes can be force-updated in Playback by deleting the existing files and redownloading them into Playback.

First navigate to the “General” tab in Playback settings, tap, “Click Sound,” and then tap the “Edit” button to reveal the delete option for the custom click sound.
Finally, remove the click by clicking the red “-“ icon, and then re-tap the “Custom” click sound to download your updated click sound.

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