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Enabling Push Notifications in Playback
Enabling Push Notifications in Playback

Receive automatic setlist updates, MIDI Cue changes, and Rentals notifications in Playback.

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Playback uses push notifications to keep setlists and songs in sync with your account across the ecosystem. Here are a few reasons to use notifications with Playback:

  • Setlist Updates: When changes to a setlist are saved to the cloud from Playback, ChartBuilder, or the website, a notification is automatically sent to active Playback devices with access to the setlist. Push notifications ensure that you never miss a setlist update.

  • MIDI Cues: When new MIDI Cues are added and saved on the website for a song, Playback will automatically receive those MIDI Cue changes if the song is currently loaded in Playback.

  • Rentals Updates: When a Rental credit is spent to unlock a song on your Playback device, a notification is automatically sent to your device when the song is done processing and ready for download.

There are a few ways to enable push notifications directly in Playback.

  • Opening Ads: When Playback is first opened, there is an “enable push notifications” prompt in the opening ads.

  • Downloading a song with MIDI Cues: Playback will automatically prompt you with the option to enable push notifications.

If Playback has been installed and notifications are not enabled through the above methods, they can still be enabled through iOS settings.

How to Enable in iOS Settings

  • Open iOS Settings

  • Tap General

  • Navigate to Playback in the app list

  • Allow Notifications

Once this has been done, Playback will be set up to automatically receive push notifications!

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