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Edit Song Section Names in Playback (NEW)
Edit Song Section Names in Playback (NEW)

New Feature: Song Sections can now be renamed directly in the Playback app.

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Songs in the catalogue can now be changed to any available song section name from

  • Requires Playback Version 8.1.7 or newer
    (released in the App Store on Monday, June 24, 2024).

  • Requires a Playback Premium license

How To

  • To rename a song section for a catalogue song in Playback, enter Setlist/Song Map edit mode by tapping on the "Edit" button in the top-right corner of the Playback app. Then ensure the "Setlist/Song Map" edit mode is selected in the edit menu drawer.

  • Next, simply tap the song-section circle in the top-left of any song section to open the song-section menu. From this menu, it's now possibly to rename any song section.

Other Information

  • Saving Custom Song Section Names

    • Custom Song Sections Names designated in Playback can be saved to both the setlist and to a Named Arrangement. Saving the setlist will include those custom song names, so they'll translate to other Playback devices.

  • Song Section Setlist Behavior

    • Custom Song Section Names designated in Playback will change the song for that specific setlist only. If the same song is present on the same Playback device in another setlist in the background, changing the song section name will only effect the currently-opened setlists. However Named Arrangements can be used to use custom named song sections across setlists.

  • ChartBuilder behavior:

    • Custom Song Section Names designated in Playback will not currently impact ChartBuilder's RehearsalMix audio or charts.

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