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Editing the Song Map in ChartBuilder (New)
Editing the Song Map in ChartBuilder (New)

Learn how to edit the song sections of a chart directly in the ChartBuilder app

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Editing the Song Map mode and managing Named Arrangements in ChartBuilder requires ChartBuilder to be updated to version 3.0.0.

Before Getting Started

What you'll need to edit the song map from the ChartBuilder app:

  • The Team Leader, Campus Admin, or Organization Admin role is required to edit the song map in ChartBuilder. (Users with the "Team Member" role cannot edit the song map of songs in ChartBuilder).

  • Song Map Editing in ChartBuilder is only possible when the song being viewed/edited is in an opened setlist. Song maps cannot be edited in ChartBuilder from the "Browse" tab.

  • In order to save any Named Arrangements for future recall in Playback or ChartBuilder, a Cloud Pro subscription is required. Editing the song map in ChartBuilder and saving it to a setlist does not require Cloud Pro.

What to Expect

It is now possible to add and remove the song sections from a chart in the ChartBuilder app. Here's the current and new behavior you can now expect with arrangements in the ChartBuilder app!

  • (Current) ChartBuilder's Charts and RehearsalMix files will match what is saved to the setlist from the Playback app.

  • (NEW) Song Sections in ChartBuilder charts can be added or removed directly from within the ChartBuilder app.
    (The RehearsalMix audio will reflect the changes made in the chart).

  • (NEW)* Custom Named Arrangements designated within setlists on will now sync and manipulate the ChartBuilder charts and RehearsalMix files to match.

  • (NEW)** ChartBuilder can now load and save custom named arrangements with a Custom Arrangements navigation menu.

*Requires Cloud Pro.
**Requires Cloud Pro and only saves certain data. See further information below.

Getting Started

Opening Edit Song Map Mode

To open Song Map edit mode in ChartBuilder, tap the three-dot ellipses in the top-right corner of the ChartBuilder app, then select "Edit Song Map" from the menu.

Adding and Removing song sections

  • Use the "minus" icon at the top of a song section to remove it.

  • To add in a new song section, use the "plus" icon at the top of the song section you want before your new song section. The "plus" icon will add in a song section below that song section. After clicking the "plus" icon, a menu will come up with all the song sections for that song, allowing you to select the song section you want added.

Saving the Song Map in ChartBuilder

Saving the Song Map to the Setlist in ChartBuilder

After adjusting the song map in ChartBuilder, there are two ways to save this. The first default save is by clicking "done" and accepting the prompt to save the changes to the setlist. This will save the song map in this specific setlist, and will reflect in this setlist across the ecosystem. Including on, Playback devices, and other ChartBuilder devices.

Saving the Song Map as a Named Arrangement in ChartBuilder
In some cases, you may want to save a particular song map from the ChartBuilder app to recall in the future. Say, if you want to do a particular song the exact same way next month. This is where saving the Named Arrangement will save you time; allowing you to save the song map into a Named Arrangement, to recall in any future setlist.

Saving the Named Arrangement can be done by opening the Named Arrangements menu in the top-center of ChartBuilder while in the Edit Song Map mode.

Note: Saving and/or loading a Named arrangement requires Cloud Pro.

"My Arrangements" Menu for Named Arrangements:

When actively in Edit Song Map mode in ChartBuilder, there is a Named Arrangement menu at the top-center of the app. The text will show the current named arrangement that's open or being edited for that specific song, and will be auto-named "default" when starting with a default arrangement. Tapping on this Named Arrangement menu will open up settings for managing the Named Arrangements for the particular song.

The Named Arrangements menu has the following options:

  • Restore from Cloud: Restore the currently-open Named Arrangement from the last saved point when it was last saved to the cloud.

  • Save to Cloud: Save the current Named Arrangement to the cloud and overwrite the last save for the Named Arrangement.

  • Save as New: Save the current song map for the song as a new Named Arrangement for that song. (Allows the user to input a custom name).

  • Named Arrangement List: All of the Named Arrangements will be listed here, including the standard default (original) arrangement of the song. Tapping an arrangement will allow the user to load that particular arrangement.

  • "Edit" (top right): The "Edit" button in the top right of the window will allow for Named Arrangement management. Including:

    • Delete a Named Arrangement (red minus icon). (Default Arrangement cannot be deleted)

    • Copy/Duplicate a Named Arrangement

    • Edit the title of a Named Arrangement.

For more information on what is saved in a ChartBuilder Named Arrangement, see:

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