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ChartBuilder: iOS/Android Chart App
ChartBuilder: iOS/Android Chart App

How to use the dynamic charts app ChartBuilder for practice and performance.

ChartBuilder User GuideLearn how to use ChartBuilder to practice, rehearse, and perform with the confidence of accurate charts.
ChartBuilder | Account & Device SettingsA brief guide to the settings in ChartBuilder; dark mode, subscriptions, external controllers, and more.
HOW TO | Custom Arrangements in ChartBuilderInformation on how to achieve custom-arranged charts and RehearsalMix files that match a setlist in Playback.
Upload Custom PDFs to ChartBuilder (NEW)Import your own PDFs to catalogue songs and cloud songs to use in the ChartBuilder app!
Playback Sync | TroubleshootingInformation and assistance troubleshooting common errors with Playback Sync.
Editing the Song Map in ChartBuilder (New)Learn how to edit the song sections of a chart directly in the ChartBuilder app