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Information on how to get started using Annotations in the ChartBuilder app.

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Before getting started:

  • Annotations are currently user-specific and are not shareable across users or organizations.

  • A ChartBuilder seat is required and needs to be assigned to any user needing to access annotations and charts for your organization.

Getting Started with Annotations

To enable annotation mode, simply tap the marker icon in the top-right corner with a chart or setlist open.

Annotation tools

After enabling annotation mode, you’re met with basic controls on the top of the chart.

Text Tool Information

Moving existing Text annotations: Existing text annotations can be moved by a single tap-and-hold gesture while not editing that specific text area, and then dragging the text to the desired location.

Undo/Redo Buttons

Undo/Redo buttons can be used to quickly undo annotations, or redo any annotations. Undo and Redo history is there as long as you remain in annotation edit mode for that specific chart. And you can undo/redo over 30 annotations.
Tip: You can also "undo" a "Clear" action if you accidently clear your entire chart.


The "Clear" option will remove all annotations from the entire chart that's currently open. If you accidently press "clear" by mistake, or change your mind, you can use "undo" to add all of the cleared annotations back into the chart.

Saving and Loading Annotations

Tapping “Done” while in annotation mode will prompt you to save the annotation with a title. Going back in and editing annotations, your current annotation title will replace the song title displayed at the top-center of the screen.

Tapping the Annotation title at the top of the screen, will also display a menu where you can start a new annotation, save the current annotation as a new annotation, or load in previous annotations.

Loading annotations can be done by tapping the annotation title from the list in the “My Annotations” menu of a chart.

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