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HOW TO | Custom Arrangements in ChartBuilder
HOW TO | Custom Arrangements in ChartBuilder

Information on how to achieve custom-arranged charts and RehearsalMix files that match a setlist in Playback.

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The ChartBuilder app will change a chart and RehearsalMix files to match the song sections for any song in a setlist built in Playback.

Before getting started, you'll need the following:

  • Playback Pro or Premium subscription
    (To edit the arrangements of songs in Playback)

  • Content to load/access in Playback
    (Either a rental subscription, Cloud Pro subscription to unlock click and guides, or a purchased track product for each song)

  • Access to charts in ChartBuilder
    (ChartBuilder seat(s), and either Chart Pro, or purchased Charts)

How Custom Arrangements Work

How does it work?

Custom Arrangements in ChartBuilder will mean the Charts and RehearsalMix files will match the song sections that have been edited to a Playback setlist. So your team utilizing the ChartBuilder can rehearse to the songs in the exact same arrangement you've created in the Playback app within your setlist.

Custom arrangements for charts and RehearsalMix files will only be saved and contained with setlists that are created in the ecosystem via the website or Playback.

Guide Cues in ChartBuilder
The ChartBuilder RehearsalMix-player guide cues will be removed from any song in a particular setlist that has an edited arrangement different than the default. This is in place to prevent incorrect guide cues for songs in the ChartBuilder app. And it's a step we took in preparation to bring feature cohesion to Custom Arrangements across all apps and services.

How to setup Custom Arrangements

  1. Open or create a setlist in the Playback app.

  2. Create the desired arrangements for the songs by deleting or adding song sections.

  3. Save the setlist to the cloud from the setlist menu in Playback.

  4. Open up the setlist in ChartBuilder to experience the updates charts and RehearsalMix files that match the arrangement changes in the setlist!

Building a setlist on the website using Custom Saved Arrangements (Cloud Pro Intro or higher feature) will not adjust the arrangements of charts or RehearsalMix files in the ChartBuilder app. The setlist would need to be saved to the cloud from the Playback app.

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