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HOW TO | RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder
HOW TO | RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder

How individuals and teams can access RehearsalMix files via the RehearsalMix player in the ChartBuilder app from

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RehearsalMix can be accessed in three main places; website, The ChartBuilder app by, and in Planning Center Services (Web or App). In this article, we'll explore how to access RehearsalMix files in the ChartBuilder app which is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.

  • RehearsalMix can be accessed in ChartBuilder by anyone with a RehearsalMix seat (Or Solo Practice Bundle subscription for individuals).

  • A ChartBuilder app seat is not required to access RehearsalMix files in ChartBuilder.

  • ChartBuilder app seats are only required if needing to access the organization's charts in the ChartBuilder app. Learn More

Accessing through Setlists (Recommended)

Setlists are the best way to utilize RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder for teams and individuals, because it allows for rehearsing multiple songs, in selected keys, in a single setlist.

To utilize RehearsalMix in a setlist, an individual will need to have access to the setlist. (Either being an admin on the account, or assigned to the setlist by an admin).
See Adding Team Members to Setlists for more info.

To access setlists in ChartBuilder, simply navigate to setlists using the setlist menu at the very bottom of the app. Then find and open the desired setlist. All songs will load and the RehearsalMix player will be available for songs in the setlist. Swipe left or right to navigate to previous or next songs in the setlist, or use the song title at the top of the setlist to navigate to a certain song in the setlist.

Accessing A Single Song

RehearsalMix files can also be access in ChartBuilder individually song by song in the "Library" or "Browse" tab of the ChartBuilder app. Simply use the search functions to navigate to the song, and then tap on the song to open up the song in ChartBuilder.

RehearsalMix Player Interface & Controls

The RehearsalMix player can be toggled on and off in the "Chart Preferences" settings in the very top-right corner of the ChartBuilder app.

The following controls are accessible in the ChartBuilder RehearsalMix player:

  • Play/Pause: To start and stop the RehearsalMix player.

  • Waveform: can be interacted with to jump to different parts of the RehearsalMix file.

  • Up Mix & Minus Mix: Toggle between the Up Mix and Minus Mix RehearsalMix files.

    • Up Mix: The specific instrument/part boosted loud in the mix to hear what's on the original recording for that part/stem.
      (Best for learning the parts)

    • Minus Mix: The specific instrument/part muted from the mix, and all other instruments and parts at normal volume.

      (Best for rehearsing when confident in the parts)

  • Loop controls: when enabled, loops the current song section that's playing or queued.

  • Restart: will restart the song from the beginning.

  • Swiping up at the top of the player will reveal the RehearsalMix stem selection area to choose the stems you'd like to listen/rehearse with.

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