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ChartBuilder FAQs

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about using our iOS chart app ChartBuilder.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the ChartBuilder App

Why is my iTunes/App Store subscription not working?

When subscribed to an iOS app subscription through the Apple App Store, billing issues or expired payment info can briefly invalidate a subscription. Restore In-App Subscriptions in order to reconnect your ChartBuilder subscriptions via iTunes.

  1. Reconcile any billing or payment issues through the iTunes app store. This may require updating your payment info or paying any failed subscription payments.

  2. Restore In-App Subscriptions while in ChartBuilder.

    1. Navigate to Account in the bottom right.

    2. Open Subscriptions

    3. Tap the "Restore In-App Purchases" action at the bottom of the screen

How do I share a setlist with my team in ChartBuilder?

Team members in your organization can access any setlist in ChartBuilder with the proper permissions. Learn about giving team members the proper content permission and seats in this article.

Adding team members to a setlist in ChartBuilder is easy.

While in the setlist overview, open the People tab next to Songs.

Tap on the name of any people in your organization to give them automatic access to that setlist.

What seats do I need to use ChartBuilder?

Access to the chart catalog in ChartBuilder can be given to any user through an Organization via or purchased by individuals directly through the App Store.

Organization Access:

Access to ChartBuilder

For any user in an organization to see charts in the ChartBuilder app, they first need a ChartBuilder seat.

  • App Seats: For an Organization to grant additional team members access to Charts in ChartBuilder, each team member needs to be given a ChartBuilder App subscription seat, granting the team member access to the organization's charts.

    • The Owner Admin of an organization has a free ChartBuilder app seat.

    • Individuals can also cover their own ChartBuilder seat need by either:

      • Purchasing ChartBuilder Seats through their Apple ID.

      • Purchasing the Solo Practice Bundle with a separate organization they own.

Getting the Charts

To unlock charts in the ChartBuilder App for users that have Chart Builder seats, organizations have two options:

  1. Purchasing Charts individually per song needed (generally $2 per song).

  2. Unlock access to all charts with Chart Pro*.
    *One of the features of Chart Pro, is that it unlocks unlimited access to the entire chart catalog directly in ChartBuilder for anyone that has a ChartBuilder seat.

Individual Access:

  • The Solo Practice Bundle is a single subscription built to equip any musician with a set of tools to enhance personal practice time. It unlocks access to dynamic charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder for a single user.

  • The Solo Practice Bundle is available directly in-app through the App Store and on and costs $5.99/month.

  • It includes unlimited access to charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder.

  • RehearsalMix includes audio access to individual instrument parts directly in ChartBuilder.

Note: A user can purchase the Solo Practice Bundle for their own rehearsal needs in their Organization. This seat would also cover the ChartBuilder App Seat license for the same user logged into other organizations, but would not unlock chart content, or cover the RehearsalMix seat license need.

Do I need a RehearsalMix seat to use ChartBuilder?

No. A RehearsalMix subscription is not required to use ChartBuilder. However, RehearsalMix seats ARE needed for anyone wanting to access RehearsalMix files in the ChartBuilder app.

In addition, a ChartBuilder app seat is not required to access RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder and users with JUST a RehearsalMix seat can access the RehearsalMix files in ChartBuilder without the charts.

Accessing charts in ChartBuilder requires a ChartBuilder App Seat.
Accessing RehearsalMix files in ChartBuilder requires a RehearsalMix seat.

Do I need a ChartBuilder Seat to use RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder?

No, ChartBuilder seats are only required for users needing access to chart content in ChartBuilder. ChartBuilder can still be used as a RehearsalMix player; only requiring a RehearsalMix seat.

What's the difference between the Chart Pro subscription and the Solo Practice Bundle?

For TEAM ACCESS to ChartBuilder, charts need to be unlocked with Chart Pro (or purchased individually), AND a ChartBuilder App Subscription is needed for each team member.

The Organization-wide Chart Pro Subscription ($14.99/mo) unlocks organization-wide access to the chart catalog in ChartBuilder for any organization member with an App Subscription. App subscription seats can be purchased and assigned to team members. Learn more about managing seats and subscriptions for people in your organization.

The Solo Practice Bundle gives full access to Charts and RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder for an INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNT. Anyone with a account can purchase the Solo Practice Bundle in-app as an iTunes subscription for $5.99/mo (or $4.99/mo on

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