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RehearsalMix is an incredible rehearsal tool for worship teams of every size. Whether you are a one-person band, or manage 300 volunteers, RehearsalMix can equip you and your team in a unique way, so you can maximize practice time, and have the resources you need. Below are some common questions around RehearsalMix, but also check out our Getting Started with RehearsalMix article to learn more.

How or where can my team use RehearsalMix files?

RehearsalMix is available in 3 convenient places so users with any device can practice from anywhere. Available on the website at (Learn more), in the ChartBuilder app from (Learn more), or directly in Planning Center Services with the RehearsalMix integration (Learn more).

What if I'm just an individual and not part of a team?

If needing RehearsalMix resources, and not currently a part of a team that's utilizing resources from, the Solo Practice Bundle is an affordable solution specifically aimed at individuals that includes RehearsalMix access, and full ChartBuilder access.

What are RehearsalMix seats?

RehearsalMix Seats are licenses that can be allocated to a organization's people. Each user needing access to RehearsalMix files will need a RehearsalMix seat assigned to them from the People Page of the organization.

Does RehearsalMix follow the custom arrangements that are built in Playback?

The ChartBuilder RehearsalMix player is the only RehearsalMix experience that includes custom-arranged RehearsalMix files. This means, anyone with a RehearsalMix seat could access RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder and rehearse to the exact same arrangement of a song that's been edited in a setlist in the Playback app.

Will my cloud songs work with RehearsalMix?

No. We don't currently support cloud song RehearsalMix files. But please write into our support team if this is something you would benefit from!

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