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GET STARTED | RehearsalMix
GET STARTED | RehearsalMix

Learn how to sign up for RehearsalMix, share it with your team, and use it in ChartBuilder and on

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RehearsalMix is an audio player that gives you mix control for listening to individual instrument parts as well as the full song. Highlight specific instrument parts to learn them, and remove parts entirely to practice them on your own.

How to Unlock RehearsalMix

  • People will need to be added to your organization in order to access RehearsalMix. People can be invited to your organization via email, or imported from an existing connected Planning Center account.

  • Seats are required for any user that needs to stream RehearsalMix files. Assign these seats to users in your organization.

    • Note: Seats can be re-assigned between team members freely at any time. The $9.99/month subscription unlocks 1 seat and all RehearsalMix content for the organization. Additional seats are $1.99/month.

  • Are you an individual? If you are seeking access to RehearsalMix as an individual and not as a member of a church organization, consider using the Solo Practice Bundle to bundle RehearsalMix with ChartBuilder for the ultimate individual practice tool.

Now that your team members have access to RehearsalMix, they can sign into their account and start listening. If you're not utilizing Planning Center or want to send all of the RehearsalMixes to your team, we suggest creating setlists on and adding your team to those setlists. This will allow your team to listen to all of the mixes that are relevant to your setlist in one place.

Where does my team use RehearsalMix?

The RehearsalMix is player is accessible by your team in three convenient places:

  • The RehearsalMix Player can be accessed on (More information and videos on this below):

  • It can also be used in the iOS and Android app ChartBuilder:

  • As well as in Planning Center via our Planning Center Integration. Once integrated, RehearsalMix parts appear in the media player:

Using RehearsalMix in ChartBuilder

ChartBuilder + RehearsalMix is the most powerful practice tool for worship teams. This video walks through using RehearsalMix to play alongside your charts in a setlist on your iOS or Android device.

Using RehearsalMix in a Setlist on

This guide will help you create a setlist to share with your team. Keep in mind, for people to see a setlist they will need to be added to the setlist. People can be added on the setlist page of the website by clicking the setlist details ellipsis "..." See screenshot below.

This video covers everything you need to know about using RehearsalMix with a setlist built on

Using RehearsalMix in Planning Center Services

This article covers everything you need to know about integrating RehearsalMix into your Planning Center account and sharing it with team members. Watch the video below for additional information.

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