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HOW TO | RehearsalMix on (Web Player)
HOW TO | RehearsalMix on (Web Player)

How individuals and teams can access RehearsalMix files via the web player on

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RehearsalMix can be accessed in three main places; website, The ChartBuilder app by, and in Planning Center Services (Web or App). In this article, we'll explore how to access RehearsalMix files on

Before Getting Started:

In order to access RehearsalMix files on, the team RehearsalMix subscription, or the individual Solo Practice Bundle subscription is required. Learn More.

For assistance getting RehearsalMix started, see Getting Started with RehearsalMix.

There are two main ways to access RehearsalMix on In Setlists (recommended) and on individual song pages using the RehearsalMix tab.

Utilizing in Setlists (Recommended)

Setlists are the best way to utilize RehearsalMix on the website, because it allows for rehearsing multiple songs, in selected keys, on a single webpage. RehearsalMix setlists can be accessed on the "RehearsalMix" tab the account pages (See screenshot below)

To utilize RehearsalMix in a setlist, an individual will need to have access to the setlist. (Either being an admin on the account, or assigned to the setlist by an admin).
See Adding Team Members to Setlists for more info.

Then the user can select a setlist they've been added to, and access all of the RehearsalMix files, for the songs and keys an admin or team leader has created.

Utilizing on Song Pages

Alternatively, RehearsalMix users can also access RehearsalMix files on individual song pages. This can be good when discovering songs, or just needing to quickly access the files for particular song in a particular key. Anyone with a RehearsalMix seat can access these files, regardless of role.

To access RehearsalMix files on song pages, simply navigate to the desired song page using the search in the top-right of the website, or by navigating to the song in the library and selecting the song title.

Once on the song page for a song, navigate to the "RehearsalMix" tab underneath the song details. Then, the key can be adjusted and the files selected.

Web Player Controls

After selecting a RehearsalMix file, The RehearsalMix player will open at the bottom of the webpage. The following controls can be used in the player:

  • Play/Pause Button: To start and stop the RehearsalMix player.

  • Waveform: can be interacted with to jump to different parts of the RehearsalMix file.

  • Up Mix & Minus Mix: Toggle between the Up Mix and Minus Mix RehearsalMix files.

    • Up Mix: The specific instrument/part boosted loud in the mix to hear what's on the original recording for that part/stem.
      (Best for learning the parts)

    • Minus Mix: The specific instrument/part muted from the mix, and all other instruments and parts at normal volume.

      (Best for rehearsing when confident in the parts)

  • Volume and Loop controls: Lower or boost the volume of the RehearsalMix files, or loop the entire RehearsalMix file.

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