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MultiTracks One Explained
MultiTracks One Explained

A deeper dive into MultiTracks One; how it works, and what's included.

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For the first time ever is able to offer an all-in-one subscription solution, offering the best of in a simple bundle.

Here's some additional information that can help understand the new bundle more!

What's all included in the MultiTracks One bundle?

The MultiTracks One bundle includes:

  • Playback Rentals

  • Cloud Pro

  • 1 included Playback Premium Seat (Can be increased)

  • 50 included Playback Team Sharing seats

  • All other features included in the live bundle

    • Ambient Pads (Song specific pads for thousands of songs)

    • ProPresenter MIDI cues for automating lyrics

    • Song Specific Patch MIDI cues

  • Chart Pro

  • Stage Display Add-on

  • 5 Seats of RehearsalMix and ChartBuilder seats bundled (can be increased)

  • Licensing (Church Lyric License (CLL) or Church Streaming License (CSL))

Configuring the bundle that's right for you and your team

There are 5 ways to adjust the different options in the MultiTracks One Bundle to suit your needs specifically.

  1. Selecting Pricing Subscription Cycle
    These options allow the selection for either a one year, or two year billing cycle for MultiTracks One. MultiTracks One cannot be purchased monthly.

  2. Playback Premium Seats Slider
    The amount of Playback Premium seats is how many people that will be operating and running the Playback app and need the full Playback Premium features.
    Note: The "Intro" version of Playback on iOS and iPadsOS can still be used by up to 50 additional team members with the 50 Playback Team Sharing seats included in the MultiTracks One bundle.

  3. Rentals Slider
    This allows the selection for how many Playback Rentals are needed. To learn more about how Playback rentals work, see: Getting Started | Playback Rentals

  4. Rehearsal Tools Slider
    This slider allows for the customization of how many ChartBuilder and RehearsalMix* seats are bundled in with the MultiTracks One bundle. It increases by preset tiers 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, and so on.

  5. Licensing Selection and Tier
    The last configuring option of the MultiTracks One bundle is the licensing needed. There's a helpful video below these options that help explain. To put it simply, if your church is live streaming using track products, the Church Streaming License would be the option to select, as it's a bundled lyric license and streaming license all in one. To learn more see: Licensing Articles

*RehearsalMix and ChartBuilder seats are bundled together in the MultiTracks One bundle, and cannot be adjusted separately. However, RehearsalMix or ChartBuilder seats can be purchased individually outside of the MultiTracks One bundle if more are needed for a specific product. This addition can be made from the pricing page after the purchase of MultiTracks One.

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