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HOW TO | ProPresenter Lyric and Template Import
HOW TO | ProPresenter Lyric and Template Import

Integrate Chart Pro and ProPresenter Add-on subscription with ProPresenter to import lyrics and chord templates directly into ProPresenter!

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ProPresenter 7.8 introduces an all-new integration with for directly importing automation-ready lyrics & chords for a song into your ProPresenter library. These customized ProPresenter imports include an all-new Stage Display layout with dynamic chords overlaid on the lyric slides.

Lyric Import & ProPresenter Template Import

There's an important distinction between ProPresenter Lyric Import, and ProPresenter Template Import when utilizing See below for more information on each.

  • ProPresenter Lyric Import

    • Import lyrics for every catalogue song directly into ProPresenter.

    • Does not include any chords or chord data for stage disaply.

    • Not compatible with ProPresenter Production Cues for MIDI automation.

  • ProPresenter Template Import

    • Import lyrics AND chords for every catalogue song directly into ProPresenter.

    • Includes Chord data for custom lyric and chord stage displays.

    • Fully compatible with ProPresenter Production Cues for easy and fast MIDI automation.

Before Getting Started: What Subscriptions do I need?

The Chart Pro subscription is required to import lyrics from into ProPresenter. The ProPresenter Add-On is required to unlock the new Stage Display chord layout and automation-ready slide organization. Here's a detailed breakdown of each:

  • CHART PRO: The Chart Pro subscription is required for all forms of lyric or lyric and chord import in ProPresenter, as it's the base access to the charts and lyrics in the catalogue. With JUST chart Pro, you can access seemless unlimited lyric import directly in ProPresenter.

  • ProPresenter Add-On: The Chart Pro ProPresenter Add-On unlocks an expansive set of features with your imported ProPresenter lyrics, including a powerful stage display experience with chords overlaying the lyrics and slide formatting readymade to be compatible with the ProPresenter Production Cues for MIDI automation from Playback.

  • CLOUD PRO PLUS or PREMIUM: (for Playback Slide Automation): The Plus tier of Cloud Pro unlocks the entire growing catalog of ProPresenter Production Cues which are MIDI Cues custom-built for thousands of songs in our catalog that perfectly match the slides imported into ProPresenter. Production Cues are available exclusively in Playback and can be loaded instantly with the song in a setlist and sent to control ProPresenter lyric imports.

Head to, create a new organization (or log into your existing account), and purchase the Chart Pro tier that meets your team's needs.

Getting Started:

Here is the step-by-step process for integrating your account in ProPresenter to import Lyrics & Chords!

STEP 1: Connect Account to ProPresenter

Once you have signed up for Chart Pro and/or the ProPresenter Add-On, open the Services tab in ProPresenter preferences (7.8 or later is required) and sign into your account. Select the organization subscribed to Chart Pro.

STEP 2: Import Songs from

To import songs, head to File -> Import -> MultiTracks.

Here you can search the entire catalog, see a lyric preview, and import the file.

Click Import, and choose from a variety of customizable settings for your lyric template as seen in the screenshot below:

NOTE: "Chords & Automation" must be enabled in order to experience the automation-ready slide layouts and chords in the Stage Display. This will also redeem the import with a ProPresenter Add-On credit.

STEP 3: Choose the "Master" slide arrangement.

Every imported ProPresenter template includes two slide arrangements:

  • The Full Song slide arrangement includes every repeated song section throughout the song. This is ideal when using lyrics templates manually: your lyrics operator simply needs to press spacebar and every slide will be in correct order.

  • The Master slide arrangement removes every repeated song section, leading to a much shorter total slide count and enabling Playback to jump from one section to another. The Master is the slide arrangement to enable when using Production Cues in Playback.

Choose the

STEP 4: Customize Your Stage Display

Once imported, a song's Stage Display can be customized using the new MultiTracks Chords & Lyrics layout.

  • Dynamic key changes: If the band changes the key of a song, the Stage Display's key display can be changed on the fly using the Key button in ProPresenter.

  • Chord Display: In the Stage Editor (More -> Stage Editor -> Click on the Chords & Lyrics template), the chords displayed in the Stage Display can be changed between 4 formats: Numbers, Chords, Numerals, and Solfege.

STEP 5: Slide Automation with Production Cues

Song lyrics imported with the Chords & Automation enabled are pre-formatted to match Production Cues for slide automation in Playback, our iOS/Mac live performance tracks app.

  • How does slide automation work? When a song in Playback starts to play, MIDI messages are sent to ProPresenter in real-time, triggering the correct lyrics at the exact right time of the song. These cues are dynamic and will always be accurate, even if you re-arrange the song, change the tempo, or loop sections on the fly. Learn more about Playback.

  • What are Production Cues? The team at has built MIDI Cues for a growing number of songs in our catalog that perfectly match the slides imported into ProPresenter. These Production Cues are available exclusively in Playback and can be loaded instantly with the song in a setlist.

In order to unlock the Production Cues in Playback, a few things are required.

  • Sign up for Cloud Pro Plus. The Cloud Pro Plus subscription makes the entire growing catalog of lyric Production Cues available in Playback.

  • Use Playback during services. Playback is a powerful and free tracks app available on iOS and Mac. Watch this video to learn how to get started right away, and check out the User Guide to dive even deeper.

Here are the steps to load Production Cues in Playback:

1. Download the song into your setlist. MultiTracks, AppTracks, CustomMixes, Accompaniment Tracks, and Playback Rentals will work with the Production Cues and lyric templates.

2. Load the Production Cues. In Setlist Edit Mode, tap the three dots over the song tile to open the Edit Song Menu. Scroll down to the "lyrics bus" toggle, and select the correct lines-per-format cues for the song.

  • NOTE: If you choose to edit Production Cues in Playback, the edited cues will be saved to Cloud and overwrite any existing user cues in the lyric bus.

Load Production Cues for ProPresenter templates into the lyrics bus through the Edit Song Menu.

Your Production Cues are now loaded and ready to be sent to ProPresenter!

Learn how to enable Playback to send MIDI Cues to your lyrics computer here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need the ProPresenter Add-On to import songs into ProPresenter?

Chart Pro customers can import song lyrics into ProPresenter without the ProPresenter Add-On, in their most simplest form.

The ProPresenter Add-On unlocks powerful features for your imported songs:

  • The MultiTracks Chords & Lyrics Stage Display Layout -> Chord data is included in the stage display and overlaid on the lyrics.

  • Automation-ready slide formatting. Imported lyric slides are formatted to perfectly match pre-made MIDI Production Cues available in Playback.

  • Downloadable ProPresenter Templates. The Add-On provides 200 annual (or 16 monthly) ProPresenter Template unlocks. These can be used per song to import chords into ProPresenter, or unlock templates on for editing and exporting onto your computer.

Keep in mind that importing the Chords & Automation for a song into ProPresenter will charge your organization 1 ProPresenter Add-On credit. This unlocks the chords & automation-ready slides for use in ProPresenter.

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