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ProPresenter Lyric Automation | What do I Need?
ProPresenter Lyric Automation | What do I Need?

An overview of the Propresenter Automation options and subscriptions on

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We realize every ministry is different with unique needs when it comes to technology. That's why we provide options to fit the needs of ministries of all sizes and budgets on Reach out using the chat and ask to speak to a product advisor if you need personal assistance in finding the right resources for you and/or your team!

The Bare Necessities

The Playback app can automate ProPresenter lyrics utilizing MIDI Out (a feature that's included in Playback Pro and Premium), and Renewed Vision's ProPresenter MIDI module (that's included for free in ProPresenter 7 and higher). With that in mind, the bare minimum required to get started automating Lyrics in ProPresenter with the Playback app would be:

  • ProPresenter Version 7.1 or higher

  • 1 Playback Pro or Playback Premium License/Seat

  • Cloud Pro Intro or higher (to store MIDI data in cloud)

With the above minimum requirements, an individual would have all the technology needed to automate ProPresenter using the Playback app. However, with just the above, all of the content required would need to be created manually; Including the Lyrics in ProPresenter, and the MIDI cues to match the lyric slides in ProPresenter.

The Full Automation Experience

For the full automation experience, including ALL ProPresenter content and MIDI cue data that matches the ProPresenter content, many users opt for the full and ProPresenter automation package. This package would include:

  • ProPresenter Version 7.1 or higher

  • 1 Playback Pro or Playback Premium License/Seat

  • Cloud Pro Plus or Premium
    (Unlocks all MIDI Content)

  • Chart Pro and the ProPresenter Add-on (For the ProPresenter Content)
    (Required to import templates that match the MIDI data provided from

For current pricing of the Automation Package: (Monthly Pricing / Annual Pricing)

Other options or bundles

There are some major benefits to getting the whole automation package including time savings and accuracy. But there are also hybrid options available that may suit your needs. Reach out to our team using the messenger in the bottom right corner of the site to speak to a representative today!

For information on setting up ProPresenter Import and the full automation, see:

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