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Troubleshooting | ProPresenter Lyric Automation
Troubleshooting | ProPresenter Lyric Automation

Information and steps to troubleshoot possible problems with the Playback and ProPresenter Lyric Automation Setup.

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Troubleshooting the Overall Connection Experience

Playback and ProPresenter are not communicating at all

If Playback and ProPresenter are not communicating, there is an issue with the setup or connection of the devices.
Possible Resolutions:

Attempt the below initial troubleshooting steps:

  • Double check that connection is active and the correct Playback device is listed in "participants" in the "Audio MIDI Setup" application from the ProPresenter device.

  • Check that the correct "Lyrics" (or other) MIDI bus port is assigned in the MIDI tab of the settings in Playback. (if doing it over wifi, make sure it says "network session")

  • Check the MIDI connection is active in the ProPresenter device settings.

  • Check the MIDI mapping auto-fill is set to "0" in ProPresenter.

For other troubleshooting steps around ProPresenter not receiving MIDI at all see:

The Playback and ProPresenter devices spin-wheel and crash when using the automation

If the ProPresenter device and Playback device both have a spinwheel and crash when playing Playback and sending MIDI to ProPresenter, it means your devices are setup incorrectly, and infinitely looping and repeating an infinite number of MIDI cues.
Resolution Steps:

Within the AUDIO MIDI SETUP application on the PLAYBACK device, open the MIDI Network Settings, and disable both incoming and outgoing "Live Routings" (screenshot below)

Troubleshooting Inconsistencies or Issues in ProPresenter

The lyric slides are getting off through the song

If Playback is correctly controlling the slides in ProPresenter for songs, but eventually gets off, triggering the incorrect slides, the most likely problem is the ProPresenter Template is loaded as a FULL SONG arrangement in ProPresenter and needs to he switched to the MASTER arrangement. For more info and steps see: HOW TO | Production Cues and ProPresenter Templates.

Playback Is controlling the slides in ProPresenter, but isn't selecting the right song in ProPresenter

If ProPresenter is not switching songs when Playback is, there is likely an issue with settings for each song in the Playback. Each song tile in the Playback setlist will have MIDI OUT settings to tell ProPresenter which Playlist and item to select when that song tile is queued up. Review MIDI OUT SERIES 4 for setup instructions.

The lyric slides are coming in too late

If the ProPresenter Template lyric slides are coming in too late, there are a few things that can be tested to remedy the issue.

  • Confirm or change the slide transitions in ProPresenter to be SHORT, or instant CUT transitions.

  • Testing the latency of the MIDI Cues.
    Steps: Install MIDIView on the ProPresenter computer with the devices connected together and have MIDIView listen to MIDI from the network session. Play the audio in Playback (Preferably listening to the soloed REFERENCE track in Playback) and watch the MIDI cues enter the MIDIView application.

    • If the MIDI is spot on with the timing early, before the lyrics come in, there is likely an issue with the ProPresenter application introducing latency.

    • If the MIDI cues in MIDIView are noticeably LATE, and after the lyrics are being sung in the reference, there is likely an issue with the network introducing latency. To test if it's a network issue, test with a different network, or test using Playback and ProPresenter locally with a hard-wired ethernet connection.

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