Troubleshooting ProPresenter MIDI Input

Steps to troubleshoot MIDI input into ProPresenter.

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The process of setting up MIDI input in ProPresenter is outlined in detail in the MIDI Out Series, step 3, 📖Set Up ProPresenter to Receive MIDI Cues. It is recommended to revisit these steps in the troubleshooting process.

If you've already confirmed that MIDI is being sent from Playback to your ProPresenter computer via our 📖MIDI Connection troubleshooting steps, you can use this guide to troubleshoot possible issues with the ProPresenter Setup.

Confirm the MIDI Device has the correct Input Source enabled

Steps to confirm ProPresenter has the MIDI Device setup correctly:

  1. Quit and reopen the ProPresenter application after ensuring the Playback Computer and ProPresenter computer are connected with the MIDI setup application.

  2. Open ProPresenter Settings (Preferences) > Devices, and disconnect the device.

  3. Click "Settings" for the MIDI device and ensure the correct source is checked with a checkbox (Should match up with the Network or hardware ports you're using to route MIDi).
    Note: Selecting destinations would only be required if routing MIDI out of ProPresenter to automate other software/hardware.

  4. Close the settings and use the "Connect" button to connect the MIDI device.

The MIDI device is ready to go!

Confirm ProPresenter's MIDI mapping is mapped correctly

  1. In "Devices" settings inside ProPresenter, select the "MIDI Map" button at the bottom of the window.

  2. Ensure that "0" is set in the auto-fill box in the top-left, and click "Autofill"

The Midi mapping is complete!

Note: This MIDI mapping in ProPresenter may be different if not utilizing Playback or the provided MIDI cues.

Troubleshooting other Settings in ProPresenter

If the song slide cues are making it to ProPresenter, but the correct songs are not being selected, it's possible that the Playback "ProPresenter Playlist" and "ProPresenter Playlist Item" settings have not been set for each song in the Playback setlist. These settings are found in each song's edit menu in the MIDI Out portion. Without these settings, Playback is not correctly telling ProPresenter which song file to select. Review the information here: 📖Setting Playlist and Playlist Items Per Song

Other Troubleshooting

If you've already confirmed that MIDI is making it to the ProPresenter computer, and have followed all of the above steps, there is likely an issue with the ProPresenter software correctly receiving the MIDI being sent. We suggest contacting ProPresenter Support for further guidance. Or, in some cases, ProPresenter users on a Windows computer may find success creating a new Windows User, and setting up ProPresenter for a second user and trying it that way.

If you continue to experience any issues with MIDI data controlling ProPresenter correctly and you've already confirmed the ProPresenter computer is receiving MIDI data, we recommend reaching out to ProPresenter Support for further ProPresenter Troubleshooting assistance.

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