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MIDI OUT Series | 4: Set Up Playback to Send MIDI Cues
MIDI OUT Series | 4: Set Up Playback to Send MIDI Cues

Set up Playback to send MIDI Cues out of eight MIDI Buses to any available MIDI hardware or network ports.

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The MIDI Out Tutorial series walks through every step required to send MIDI Cues out of Playback to control lyrics in ProPresenter or other presentation software.

In the previous step, we established a network connection between Playback and the computer running ProPresenter or other lyrics software.

In this step, we will:

NOTE: This is an excerpt from the Playback User Guide.

Step 1: Enable MIDI Out

Open Settings in the Stack Menu (top right icon). In the General tab, make sure that Enable MIDI Out toggle is currently on.

Step 2: Set Your MIDI Bus Routing

When adding MIDI Cues to a song in Playback, cues can be added to any of the eight available MIDI Buses:

  • Lyrics Bus

  • Lights 1

  • Lights 2

  • Patches 1

  • Patches 2

  • Guitar

  • Aux 1

  • Aux 2

Each MIDI bus can be routed to a unique MIDI Port (connected device or network that can receive MIDI Cues) and one of the 16 available MIDI channels.

In Settings, Open the MIDI Tab to reveal the eight MIDI Buses and their routing settings.

Select MIDI Port

Tap on Select a Port to open the MIDI port selector.

  • Network Session will send MIDI Cues out to any MIDI network session that the iOS device is connected to.

  • Hardware Ports will automatically be available when a MIDI interface is connected to Playback via USB. In this example, Playback is connected to an iConnect Audio 4c and every available hardware port is selectable.

Select MIDI Channel

Choose to send MIDI Cues to MIDI global channel(s) 1-16. Sending to specific MIDI Channels is an extra filter tool when sending MIDI Cues to multiple instruments, software, etc. on the same computer.

Setting Playlist and Playlist Items Per Song

Lyrics slides, sermon slides, and other items are organized in ProPresenter by Playlists and Playlist Items. For example, a Playlist may be created in ProPresenter for a service and can include every song, announcement slide group, and the sermon notes as individual Playlist Items.

At the start of a song, Playback can automatically send the default MIDI Cues to ProPresenter through the lyrics bus to select the correct Playlist and Playlist Item of the song’s slides. Tap and Scroll each value from Off to whichever playlist/playlist item you would like to trigger when a song starts.

Playback is now successfully routed to send MIDI Cues to ProPresenter!

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