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MIDI OUT Series | 6: Using Production Cues with ProPresenter Templates
MIDI OUT Series | 6: Using Production Cues with ProPresenter Templates

Use pre-made MIDI Cues that perfectly match ProPresenter templates from

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The MIDI Out Tutorial series walks through every step required to send MIDI Cues out of Playback to control lyrics in ProPresenter or other presentation software.

In the previous step, we learned how to create, edit, and save MIDI Cues directly in Playback.

In this final guide, we will show you how to use the pre-made MIDI Cues that perfectly match ProPresenter Templates from, so you never have to create a MIDI Cue again.

Video Guide

After watching this video, you will know how to:

  1. Customize and download ProPresenter Templates on

  2. Access the corresponding Production Cues in Playback (or request them if unavailable)

  3. Import Song Specific Patch Production Cues on

How to Import Production Cues for ProPresenter Templates

There are two main ways to import ProPresenter MIDI cues into Playback. Through the website library, or through Playback in each song's edit menu.

Importing from the Library on

  1. Navigate to the "Library" on, then select a song in your library. Or navigate to a song's page from a setlist you've created.

    1. Select the "MIDI" tab for the song right underneath the song details

    2. Select the MIDI bus you'd like to import the cues to

    3. Then select "Production Cues"

  2. Then, select the line-template in the pop-up window that matches the line templates imported into ProPresenter.

  3. The MIDI cues are now imported and saved to the cloud. As long as the MIDI bus is enabled in Playback's "MIDI" settings, the MIDI cues will be there.

Note: Importing the Production cues will replace any MIDI cues already in the specific MIDI bus that was selected.

Importing from within Playback

  1. To import MIDI Production Cues into Playback, load in the setlist or songs, and use the "Setlist/Song Map" edit mode to open the song details menu by tapping on any song tile.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of a song's edit menu to find the "MIDI OUT" section, and select the "Lyrics Bus" "User Cues" menu option.

  3. Select the line-template that matches the templates imported into ProPresenter. And the cues will populate into Playback.

Note: Importing the Production Cues will replace any MIDI cues currently loaded into Playback.
Also: Importing Production cues from Playback will not save the Production cues over your user cues and will simply load them in for that setlist. In order to save the Production Cues to your specific Lyrics bus, enter MIDI CUES edit mode in Playback, adjust one MIDI cue, and then save the MIDI data to the cloud when prompted when exited MIDI cue edit mode.

Helpful Links

  • Production Cues Page: Learn more about our growing catalog of pre-made MIDI Cues to control ProPresenter Templates and Song Specific Patches exclusively available in Playback.

  • Cloud Pro Page: Unlock MIDI Cue storage, the entire catalog of Production Cues for use in Playback, and so much more.

  • ProPresenter Templates: Discover our highly customizable ProPresenter Templates and how to purchase them.

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