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MIDI OUT Series | 5: Create MIDI Cues in Playback
MIDI OUT Series | 5: Create MIDI Cues in Playback

Create MIDI Cues directly in Playback and send them out to control lyrics, lights, and more.

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The MIDI Out Tutorial series walks through every step required to send MIDI Cues out of Playback to control lyrics in ProPresenter or other presentation software.

Through the previous steps, we have finished connecting Playback and ProPresenter by creating a hardware connection, joining the same MIDI network, and adjusting the settings in both Playback and ProPresenter.

In this step, we will learn how to create MIDI Cues directly in Playback for a song while listening to the Tracks.

Part 1: Edit MIDI Cues in Playback

Editing MIDI Cues in Playback Video Guide

To edit MIDI cues in Playback, start by tapping "Edit" and selecting "MIDI Cues" from the edit-mode menu bar.

  1. Add MIDI Cues to the timeline of any song in your setlist

  2. Edit a Cue's MIDI Bus, message type/value, velocity, and description

  3. Add MIDI Cues to the lyrics bus while a song is playing

  4. Fine-tuning MIDI Cue timing with nudging

  5. Copy/Paste MIDI Cues from one song section to another

Part 2: Setting Playlist and Playlist Items Per Song

Lyrics slides, sermon slides, and other items are organized in ProPresenter by Playlists and Playlist Items. For example, a Playlist may be created in ProPresenter for a service and can include every song, announcement slide group, and the sermon notes as individual Playlist Items.

At the start of a song, Playback can automatically send the default MIDI Cues to ProPresenter through the lyrics bus to select the correct Playlist and Playlist Item of the song’s slides. Tap and Scroll each value from Off to whichever playlist/playlist item you would like to trigger when a song starts.

  • Refresh MIDI Cues: Were MIDI Cues changed for a song on the website? Press “Refresh MIDI Cues” to replace the MIDI Cues on your Playback device with the last saved MIDI Cues in Cloud Pro for the selected song.

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