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MIDI OUT Series | 1: Connect Your Playback Hardware
MIDI OUT Series | 1: Connect Your Playback Hardware

Connect Playback with your audio interface and MIDI connections for sending MIDI Cues to control lyrics, lights, and more.

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The MIDI Out Tutorial series of 5 articles/videos walks through every step required to send MIDI Cues out of Playback to control lyrics in ProPresenter or other presentation software.

In this first article, we cover two hardware solutions for Playback that unlock sending MIDI Cues over a wired internet connection.

Video Guide

After watching this video, you will know how to:

  1. Set up the gear needed to send MIDI Cues out of Playback

  2. Connect Playback to an audio interface

  3. Use a powered USB Hub to connect an audio interface, MIDI controller, and MIDI Out adapter to Playback

  4. Connect the iConnectivity PlayAudio12, the all-in-one interface solution

OPTION 1: Using an Ethernet Adapter

Utilizing a powered USB hub and an ethernet adapter, or utilizing a Mac's ethernet port, MIDI can be routed directly over the network using just an ethernet cable. It's typically recommend that the ethernet cable be connected to an ethernet switch, that's then connected to your network of devices.

OPTION 2: Using a MIDI-Enabled Audio Interface

Utilizing a MIDI-enabled audio interface like the PlayAudio12 or 1U from iConnectivity enables hardware-port routing out of Playback. Simply connect your ethernet cable to the back of the interface, and then to your network switch.

Note: MIDI OUT will work wirelessly over a wired network, but we recommend a dedicated wireless network that has minimal-to-no network traffic.


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