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Before Getting Started

MIDI cues are what are used to send MIDI data out of Playback to control external things, like lights, lyrics, piano or guitar patches, and more!

Saving MIDI cues to the cloud for future recall in Playback requires an active Cloud Pro Intro or higher tier subscription. Without Cloud Pro Intro or higher, MIDI will only be stored locally on a Playback device and is not transferrable.

How to save MIDI cues to the cloud

How saving works

  • MIDI Cues are only saved to the cloud when exiting MIDI Cue Edit Mode in Playback and only for the single highlighted song at a time.

  • MIDI cues or MIDI cue changes will never be saved to the cloud when a setlist is saved, or a custom arrangement is saved for a song.

  • MIDI cues or MIDI cue changes can only be saved one song at a time when exiting MIDI Cue Edit Mode.

Saving MIDI to the cloud from Playback

Saving is as simple as clicking “Done” in the top right corner of Playback, and then selecting “Save to cloud” after making changes for a specific song. We recommend always clicking “Done” after making changes to each song’s MIDI cues, to make sure all song’s MIDI cues are saved that you’d like.

Confirming MIDI is saved to the cloud

You can always see and reference your MIDI cues in the library on MultiTracks.com to confirm you have MIDI saved for a song. If the MIDI tab is highlighted in dark grey, it means there is MIDI saved to the cloud for that song in the “User cues” for any MIDI bus. You can eve click in to the MIDI tab to see which MIDI cues and/or changes are saved to the cloud.

Troubleshooting saving errors

If you receive any type of error when saving to the cloud please try the following:

  • Check to make sure you have an active Cloud Pro Intro or higher tier subscription on the organization you’re signed into.

  • If problems persist, reach out to our support team using the messenger below, or attempt the below workaround steps for saving MIDI cues to the cloud:

    • Save the setlist to the cloud.

    • Create a Brand New Setlist.

    • Add one of the songs that the midi cues are not saving for to the empty setlist.

    • Then try saving the midi cues to the cloud from this new setlist with just the one song.

    • Repeat for any other affected songs.

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