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GET STARTED | Cloud Pro Subscription
GET STARTED | Cloud Pro Subscription

Learn about what is included in Cloud Pro, and how its' features can support your ministry by saving you time.

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Cloud Pro is much more than just cloud storage. It is a subscription that includes valuable add-ons for the Playback app and provides tools for a Music Director such as uploading original songs, powerful pre-made MIDI Cues for production automation, and cloud storage for custom song arrangements and MIDI Cues. Looking for the full Playback experience? Check out The Live Bundle.

For current feature tiers and pricing see the Cloud Pro pricing table here:

What Features Are Included?

Cloud Pro unlocks an enhanced, connected experience between ChartBuilder, Playback, and the website. Features offered in the various tiers of Cloud Pro can be broken down into a few categories.

Setlists and Arrangements

Cloud Pro includes features that enhance the setlist experience on and make saving your Custom Arrangements easy.

  • Cloud Click & Guide Songs: The click and guide of every song in the catalog can be added to a setlist and opened in Playback. Edit song arrangements, change the key and tempo, and more to plan your setlists ahead of time or practice using a click and guide with Playback. Tracks can later be loaded with the Click & Guide song via Rentals or purchased Tracks, while still preserving any setlist changes.

  • Saved Playback Song Arrangements*: Available starting in the Intro tier, the fader mix, key/tempo, and song section arrangement of a song can be saved as a Custom Arrangement and recalled instantly in any other setlist.
    For more info see: Saving and Recalling Custom Arrangements in Playback
    *not available in Cloud Pro Basic

Your Songs, Your Resources

Cloud Pro allows you to create an original Cloud Song and upload custom audio Tracks, Chart data, and pre-made MIDI files to store in your organization's Library and use in ChartBuilder or Playback.

  • Cloud Storage: Cloud Pro offers storage room for uploading more Cloud Song Tracks, Charts, and MIDI Cues, starting at 50GB.

  • Upload Tracks to a Cloud Song: Upload your own MultiTrack stems to a Cloud Song in your Library and load them in Playback. Add song sections, tempo/time signature changes, and more to use the full power of Playback with your original content.

  • Create Charts for ChartBuilder: Add Chord Pro data to a Cloud Song to use custom-built Charts in our dynamic iOS app ChartBuilder.

  • Upload PDF Charts for ChartBuilder: Upload your own PDFs to use in the ChartBuilder app.

  • Custom Click & Guide Cues in Playback: Use your favorite Click track samples and guide cues in Playback for all songs. Upload sounds to use for each click track subdivision and song section cue, and they will be immediately available in Playback.

  • MIDI Cue Storage* + MIDI File Upload*: Any MIDI Cues added in Playback can be saved with Cloud for use in other setlists. Cloud Pro also unlocks the ability to upload MIDI Files created in a DAW, directly to a song in your Library.

  • No Download Expirations*: Purchased MultiTrack downloads all have a 48 hour download window (after the first download) before the link expires. Cloud Pro Intro eliminates this expiration window and makes all purchased product downloads available whenever you need them.

*Not included in Cloud Pro Basic

Bundled Playback Licenses for Your Team

Cloud Pro is most powerful when used with Playback. Cloud Pro* includes 10 Playback Team Sharing licenses to allow additional people to collaborate on Playback setlists within your organization. Learn more about Playback Team Sharing.
*Excludes Cloud Pro Basic

Consider the Live Bundle

The live bundle includes everything listed here for Cloud Pro, and MORE, bundling Playback subscriptions and Cloud Pro into one bundle. Learn more here:

The Live Bundle

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