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MIDI Troubleshooting | Confirming MIDI is Being Sent from Playback
MIDI Troubleshooting | Confirming MIDI is Being Sent from Playback

Learn how to use a MIDI Monitor tool to confirm MIDI is being sent to your computer, software or device.

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One of the first steps in troubleshooting MIDI connections is figuring out if MIDI is being sent from the Playback device and received by the receiving computer. We recommend using a MIDI Monitor tool on the computer receiving MIDI information. In this guide, we'll assume that we're trying to send MIDI from Playback, to a computer running lyric-presentation software, like ProPresenter. But the same steps will apply if using a different software for lyrics or lighting.

Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1: Download a free MIDI Monitor Tool from the web.

We recommend the Pocket MIDI application or MIDIView. This application is available on both MacOS and PC.

Step 2: Setting up the Pocket MIDI Application

After installation, launch the Pocket MIDI application. You'll see a window open with four segments. The top-left segment will show us any incoming MIDI for the InputPort we have selected.

  • Click InputPort at the top menu bar and select the input port you'd like to monitor the MIDI on. If you're using a physical MIDI device for input, you should see those options here. If you're using a network solution, you should see the name of the network you've created in the RTP MIDI software, or Audio MIDI setup software. (in this example, we're selecting the network port that we've renamed as "Network MainStage SSP.")
    If utilizing MIDIView, simply adjust the Input port by clicking the Green box in the top-middle of the interface.

Step 3: Send MIDI from Playback

  • Queue up a song that has MIDI enabled, and make sure the MIDI bus you're using has the correct MIDI OutputPort selected from the list: (In this example, we're using the "Network Session" port as our output.

  • Start playing a song that has MIDI notes firing, and check the Pocket MIDI app on the receiving end. If MIDI is coming in, you will see MIDI note values populating in the MIDI In Monitor Window:

If you see MIDI coming in, Great! You've successfully connected your Playback device to your Lyric/lighting device and have established the MIDI connection. Still having trouble? The next step in the troubleshooting process would be based on the application you're using. ProPresenter and other software requires some setup to get the MIDI information into the software.

Not seeing any MIDI notes coming in? Then it's best to go back, and make sure you've setup your MIDI connection correctly.

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