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Learn how to sync your Charts in ChartBuilder to Playback with Playback Sync!

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Playback Sync connects the Charts in ChartBuilder to the setlist in Playback in real time; the Charts scroll/swipe automatically and follow all changes in Playback.

  • Playback Sync is a broadcast enabled from Playback

  • ChartBuilder can see and connect to available Playback devices that are connected to the same network

  • Once connected and in sync, ChartBuilder will automatically follow Playback’s every move.

  • Playback Sync will work with catalogue songs AND cloud songs you’ve uploaded tracks and created charts for.

What’s Required?

Before You Get Started:

  • The accounts logged in to Playback and ChartBuilder must be a part of the same Organization and be added or have access to the setlists being used. Learn how to manage your team.

  • Any people in your Organization with a ChartBuilder App seat can log into ChartBuilder and use Playback Sync.

  • The team needs access to the charts. You’d need to either purchase charts or have an active Chart Pro subscription, and each team member would need a ChartBuilder seat. Learn More.

  • Playback must be on a Wi-Fi or hard-wired network shared with the ChartBuilder devices and connected to the internet. To prevent any device interference, we recommend a private network reserved for Playback Sync using a dedicated router.

  • Playback Sync is available to all Playback tiers (including the free Intro tier).

Which Playback Actions will be followed by ChartBuilder?

  • Track Playback: ChartBuilder will automatically scroll through song sections and highlight the current section, as well as switch songs through programmed transitions

  • Live navigation actions: Loop, Live ReOrder, and Live Crossfading

  • Song section scrolling and song selection while Tracks are paused

  • Setlist Updates: When Playback saves a new version of the currently synced setlist, ChartBuilder will automatically receive the update.

  • Setlist Changes: If Playback opens a new setlist, ChartBuilder will automatically be prompted to open the new setlist.

Enabling Playback Sync

Step 1: Enable Sync in Playback

Playback Sync is enabled in Playback and stays online while using setlists. Every action in Playback will be broadcast to connected ChartBuilder devices. To enable simply:

  • Open the setlist you’d like to use or build your setlist.

  • Save your setlist to the cloud from the setlist menu.

  • Open the More Menu by tapping on the three-line-menu icon in the upper right corner.

  • Tap on the Playback Sync cell to make your Playback device available. ChartBuilder will see your device available under your username.

Step 2: Connect ChartBuilder to Playback

  • Log in to ChartBuilder and navigate to Settings -> Playback Sync. Here you can see all Playback devices currently available for Sync.

  • Tap on the Playback device to connect. Once connected, ChartBuilder will see which setlist is currently opened.

  • Tap GO TO SETLIST to enter Sync Mode and open the setlist currently in Playback.

Sync Mode

While in Sync Mode, ChartBuilder automatically follows every move of Playback.

  • The Chart View is locked to Scrolling Mode and the RehearsalMix Player is disabled.

  • Setlist Auto-Update: When Playback saves a new setlist update, ChartBuilder will automatically implement the update after a 5 second countdown.

Leave Sync Mode by manually choosing a new song in ChartBuilder or backing out of the setlist. Re-sync to Playback at any time by tapping Sync to Playback banner in the Setlist Overview or Chart View.

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