Using External Controllers with ChartBuilder

Learn how to use an external controller to navigate hands-free through Charts and songs in a setlist.

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There are several powerful features available for using ChartBuilder during a live performance. From MIDI Control to Bluetooth, multiple wireless connections are possible for hands-free control of Charts so you can focus on performing your part.

Note: Bluetooth external control is available in iOS devices only.

External Controller Settings

Use an external controller to navigate hands-free through Charts and songs in a setlist.

In the Account section of ChartBuilder, tap External Controller where you will see the dropdown for device selection, as well as four actions that can be mapped to an external controller.

  • Previous/Next Page controls allow you to flip between the pages of a Chart in a setlist. Make sure that paging layout is selected in the Chart Customization menu. At the first/last page of a Chart, the page controls will then page through the adjacent song in the opened setlist.

  • Previous/Next Song controls bypass the pages of a Chart and move directly from one song to the next.

Supported External Controllers

ChartBuilder has built-in support for various Bluetooth and MIDI external controllers. Here’s a list of the supported controllers and resources for getting them connected.

1. AirTurn AirDirect Device

This includes select Bluetooth pedals from AirTurn that support AirTurn AirDirect.

2. AirTurn Keyboard Device

This includes any and all Bluetooth pedal solutions from AirTurn:

3. Coda Music STOMP

The Stomp pedal from Coda Music is a wireless Bluetooth pedal with two mappable buttons.

4. Donner Bluetooth Pedal

The Donner Wireless Bluetooth Pedal has two mappable pedals.

5. iRig Blueboard

The iRig Blueboard is a wireless pedal with 4 mappable buttons. The iRig Blueboard requires the official Blueboard iOS app in order to connect to ChartBuilder.

How to connect iRig to your iOS device:

1. Connect iRig Blueboard to iOS device via Bluetooth

2. Install “BlueBoard iOS” from the Apple App Store

3. Blueboard iOS must run in the background and be routed to ChartBuilder in order for ChartBuilder to receive the MIDI messages.

6. External MIDI

ChartBuilder can also receive MIDI messages via Apple’s CoreMIDI network. Select “External MIDI” in the External Controller settings, and ChartBuilder will automatically receive any MIDI Cues routed to it via CoreMIDI networks on a Mac that the iOS device has been added to.

  1. On a Mac: Open Audio/MIDI Setup

  2. Open MIDI Networks and Create a new network

  3. (while iOS device is on the same WiFi network as the Mac Computer), Look for the iOS device’s name and tap to add to a Network

Connect Your External Bluetooth Controller

Most Bluetooth Controllers (except iRig, listed above) are connected to an iOS device the same way.

  1. Connect the Bluetooth Pedal to your iOS device via settings.

  2. Open ChartBuilder, go to External Controller and select the Pedal model in the dropdown menu

Assign Your External Controller to ChartBuilder

  • Tap on the action (i.e., page controls and song controls) in ChartBuilder you would like to map first.

  • With the action highlighted, tap the control on the external controller and a confirmation icon will signify which controller message is mapped to that action.

  • Repeat this process for all 4 actions, and tap reset mapping if you would like to start over.

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