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ChartBuilder | Account & Device Settings
ChartBuilder | Account & Device Settings

A brief guide to the settings in ChartBuilder; dark mode, subscriptions, external controllers, and more.

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This is an excerpt from the full ChartBuilder User Guide.


Getting to ChartBuilder's settings is as simple as clicking "Account" on the bottom-right of the app.


Within the Subscriptions Menu, you'll be able to see what permissions your account currently has. Subscriptions that are currently active on your account will be under "Active Subscriptions" and have a blue checkmark. Subscriptions that are not currently assigned to your account, or active through the App Store will be under "Inactive Subscriptions" and will not have have a check next to them.

Restoring In-App Purchases.

If you have a subscription active through the Apple App Store, and are having trouble accessing the subscription, you can restore in-app purchases using the link at the bottom of this Subscription page (See image below).

ChartBuilder subscripitons are available through our website directly or through the Apple App Store.


The "theme" in ChartBuilder allows you to choose between "Dark," "Light," or "System."

Dark Mode and Light mode will choose the theme that ChartBuilder always displays in.

Selecting "System" will follow the system's settings. So if you set your device into "Dark" or "Night" mode in the device's settings, ChartBuilder will follow those changes with the device.

External Controller

The External Controller settings allows you to connect and map an external controller to turn pages or skip songs in the app. For a full guide on connecting na external device, see Using External Controllers (ChartBuilder).

Help & Support

This portion of the app allows you to send a message directly to our support team. Responses will be sent to the email on your account, or the email used in the "Email" field.


The about section will display information on the app, including Version number, Terms of Use information, and our Privacy Policy.

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