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Troubleshooting Playback and ChartBuilder Apple In-App Subscriptions
Troubleshooting Playback and ChartBuilder Apple In-App Subscriptions

Quick tips on how to fix subscription issues through Playback or ChartBuilder

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Here is a troubleshooting excerpt from the article on Differences between iTunes and website subscriptions.

Troubleshooting Playback/ChartBuilder In-App Subscriptions

Are you encountering issues redeeming your Apple App Store subscription(s) for ChartBuilder or Playback? A common fix for issues caused by expired billing, late payments, etc. is to Restore In-App Purchases.

If you have an active Apple Subscription, it will be displayed either on your "Subscriptions" page with the 📖Apple App Store, or on your 🌐 subscriptions page.

Playback: Restoring In-App Purchase

  1. Log into Playback on the iOS Device with the Apple ID subscribed via iTunes

  2. Navigate to Settings -> About

  3. Tap Restore Purchases

  4. Log in to your Apple ID

ChartBuilder: Restore In-App Purchase

  1. While looking at the chart view, Tap the More menu in the top left

  2. Tap the Account icon to open account settings

  3. Tap Subscriptions

  4. Tap the "Restore In App Purchases" action at the bottom of the subscription options.

Still encountering issues with an App Store in-app purchase? Please reach out to us using the chat icon in the bottom right of your browser and we'll be here to help!

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