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What's the difference between iTunes in-app subscriptions and subscriptions?
What's the difference between iTunes in-app subscriptions and subscriptions?

Playback and ChartBuilder subscriptions are available from and the App Store. Learn the difference and which to choose.

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I have Playback or ChartBuilder, and I see that paid subscriptions are available on the website or as in-app purchases. Which should I choose?

Playback and ChartBuilder each have paid subscriptions that unlock certain features and content in the respective apps.

Each of these subscriptions are available either through pricing on or inside the app as an in-app subscription.

iTunes In-App Purchase FAQs

Where should I subscribe to my Playback/ChartBuilder subscriptions?

We recommend purchasing app subscriptions on for a few reasons.

  • You can save up to 30% on the monthly subscription

  • App subscriptions purchased on belong to the organization that purchased them, and are free to be assigned to any team member in your organization (Learn about managing people and subscriptions here). Conversely, App subscriptions purchased directly in the App Store are assigned strictly to the user whose Apple ID is logged into the iOS device that purchased the subscription.

What is the ChartBuilder Solo Practice Bundle?

The Solo Practice Bundle for ChartBuilder is built with individuals in mind, bundling ChartBuilder and RehearsalMix access into one subscription. Click above to learn more about whether the Solo Practice Bundle is the best subscription for you.

How do I check if I'm subscribed to Playback or ChartBuilder through iTunes?

  1. Log into your account on and navigate to Pricing.

  2. If you currently have iTunes subscriptions being paid for by members of your team, you will see that number reflected in the Subscriptions row on the right side of the screen.

How do I find the team members currently subscribed through iTunes?

Open People in the Account page of Open each user in your organization's Permissions and Subscriptions and look for the confirmation that the user is subscribed through iTunes:

How do I cancel my iTunes subscriptions?

If you are currently paying for Playback or ChartBuilder subscriptions in-app, the team member whose Apple ID is signed into your Playback/ChartBuilder iOS device will need to cancel the subscription directly:

Troubleshooting Playback/ChartBuilder In-App Subscriptions

Are you encountering issues redeeming your iTunes subscription(s) for ChartBuilder or Playback? A common fix for issues caused by expired billing, late payments, etc. is to Restore In-App Purchases.

Playback: Restore In-App Purchase

  1. Log into Playback on the iOS Device with the Apple ID subscribed via iTunes

  2. Navigate to Settings -> About

  3. Tap Restore Purchases

  4. Log in to your Apple ID

ChartBuilder: Restore In-App Purchase

  1. Navigate to Account in the bottom right.

  2. Open Subscriptions

  3. Tap the "Restore In-App Purchases" action at the bottom of the screen

Still encountering issues with an iTunes in-app purchase? Please reach out to and we will help address the issue.

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