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Upload Custom PDFs to ChartBuilder (NEW)
Upload Custom PDFs to ChartBuilder (NEW)

Import your own PDFs to catalogue songs and cloud songs to use in the ChartBuilder app!

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It's now possible to upload your own PDFs to the ecosystem to use in ChartBuilder alongside your other charts and/or cloud charts!

What you'll need:

In order to take full advantage of the custom PDF Chart Upload features, you'll need:

  • ChartBuilder seats for any user needing to access in ChartBuilder.

  • ChartBuilder updated to the newest available from your devices app store.

  • One or both of the following

    • Chart Pro (If needing to upload PDFs to Catalogue Songs)

    • Cloud Pro (If needing to upload PDFs to Cloud Songs)

Uploading PDFs to Catalogue Songs

To upload a PDF to an existing song in the catalogue, the song will first need to be in your library. Navigate to the song in the Library, then select the "Charts" tab for the song, and select the "Upload" tab pictured below:

Multiple PDFs or a single PDF can be uploaded to a particular song.

After uploading, a prompt will ask for details for the particular PDF. A custom name is required and will help differentiate which PDF is what when uploading Multiple PDFs.

It's also required to attach a PDF to a certain key, however, a PDF attached to one specific key can still be opened manually in ChartBuilder regardless of what key is selected in ChartBuilder.

For use in ChartBuilder, see Accessing in ChartBuilder below!

Uploading PDFs to Cloud Songs

To upload a PDF to a Cloud song, navigate to the song in your Library, and visit the "Charts" tab, and then the "Upload" tab, and follow the similar steps as above, assigning the PDF a description, an optional instrument part, and a key.

Accessing in ChartBuilder

With a song loaded in ChartBuilder, you'll have new options to select whether you want a certain PDF, or the Cloud Chart/Catalogue Chart loaded into the ChartBuilder app.

  • To select which chart you'd like displayed, click the "Chart Settings" menu:
    (left button in the top right corner)

  • Next, use the Chart Selection" option to select if you'd like the original chart, or an uploaded PDF chart. Your own uploaded PDF charts will have a PDF icon, while the charts will have the Chart Pro chart logo as shown in the screenshot below.

With a PDF loaded in the setlist, the app can now be operated and used in its normal capacity including syncing to a Playback device via Playback Sync*!

Playback Sync: When utilizing custom PDFs in ChartBuilder, Playback Sync will not currently auto-scroll through a multi-page PDF, but will change to display the current Playback song's chart/PDF.

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