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HOW TO | Use Click & Guide Catalog Songs in Playback
HOW TO | Use Click & Guide Catalog Songs in Playback

Learn how to unlock and use the click track & guide cues from any song on in your Playback setlist.

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How do I access “Click & Guide” songs to my Playback setlist?

With a Cloud Pro, Live Bundle, MT One, or Playback Rentals subscription, you have the ability to add the “Click & Guide” of any catalog song to your setlist without purchasing or renting the tracks. Use this feature to build and plan your setlists ahead of time or share with team members for practice on their own Playback devices.

Add Click & Guide songs in Playback

With a Playback Rentals or Cloud Pro subscription, you can add Click & Guide songs to your setlist directly in Playback.

  • Open the Add Song Menu

  • Search through All Songs, and choose the song you would like to add

  • Once a song is selected, you have the option to either add the song as a Rental or as a Click & Guide. The menu also offers some other customizable settings:

You have now added a Click & Guide song to your setlist!

Add Click & Guide songs to setlists on

Click & Guide songs can also be added to any setlist from the website.

  1. Tap Setlists in your account on

  2. Create a new Setlist or load a previously saved setlist from the web, Playback, or ChartBuilder.

  3. Add any song from the catalog to your setlist. If tracks are not owned for the selected song, the “Add Song” menu will say “This song will be loaded as Click & Guide.” [Screenshot]

  4. Save to Cloud. When this setlist is loaded or updated from Playback, the song will be added to your setlist as a Cloud Click & Guide song.

How do I unlock the tracks when I’m ready?

From a Click & Guide song, you can choose to purchase the full downloadable track or rent a track directly in Playback. Tracks products can be purchased from

  1. In Playback, enter the “Edit Setlist” menu by quick pressing the Edit button.

  2. Tap the “Edit Song” menu icon on the song tile of the song of which you would like to unlock tracks.

  3. Scroll to the Tracks cell, where you will see “Tap to Unlock Tracks”

Upgrade your C&G Song with Tracks from the Edit Song Menu.

If a new tracks product has been purchased, you can choose to import it from this menu. If you are a Rentals subscriber, this will give you the opportunity to rent tracks. Upgrading a Click & Guide song to a Tracks product will preserver any arrangement edits you have made to the Click & Guide song, making it a powerful feature for planning services ahead of time without spending Rental Credits.

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