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GET STARTED | Playback Rentals
GET STARTED | Playback Rentals

Find the answers to your questions about Playback Rentals in this article.

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Playback Rentals is the most affordable solution for building a Tracks catalog without the upfront cost of purchasing MultiTracks. Starting at 16 rentals a month (or 192 / year), a Playback Rentals subscription includes Rentals that can be used to unlock the full App Tracks for any song in the catalog to use exclusively in Playback.

Playback Rentals can be purchased individually monthly or annually, and is best when paired with the Live Bundle.

Playback Rentals is also included in the MultiTracks One Bundle.

Here is everything you need to know about Playback Rentals and what value the subscription can bring to your team.

What does a song rental include?

  • Spending a Playback Rental will unlock that song's tracks in all 12 keys on single Playback device 7 days.

  • Each active rental is available on one Playback device and organization.

  • Once a rental expires, the song is converted to a Click & Guide in any setlists. The Tracks can be rented again at any time with another song rental.

How much does a Playback Rentals subscription cost?

A Playback Rentals subscription can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Rentals start at $59.99/month and include 16 Rentals per month. More expensive tiers include more Rentals per month to meet your organization's needs.

How do I spend Rentals?

Rentals can be unlocked directly in Playback or on the website on

Renting Songs on

Head to the Song Details page. From here you can navigate to the MultiTracks tab, and select Rent in the righthand column.

Select which Playback device to tie the Rental to. When logged into Playback on this device, you will have full access to this MultiTrack for 7 days.

Renting Songs in Playback

Create a setlist and tap Add a Song. From the "All songs" or "Library" menu, search and select any song and follow the steps in the app to rent. This rental will be tied to the current device and available for 7 days.

How do I use Click & Guide Songs?

Playback Rentals and Cloud Pro subscriptions give you access to the Click & Guide tracks of every song in the catalog to add to any setlist. This empowers you to create and edit setlists without renting songs. Once the service is coming up within 7 days, the songs can be rented and your Click & Guide arrangement will be preserved.

When adding a song in Playback, choose the song and then select Click & Guide. This will load just the click track and guide cues in Playback without any instrument tracks.

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