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Answers to commonly-asked questions around the Playback Rental Subscription.

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What does a single song rental include?

Using a Rental unlocks all 12 keys for a song on one device, for 7 days (Exact time). So if you rent a song on an iPad at 4:00pm on a Monday, it will be available in all 12 keys on that device until the next Monday at 4:00pm. Loading the tracks for that song on another device or account would require spending an additional credit.
Tip: Loading the Click and Guide tracks for a song is a great way to plan setlists in advance without spending rentals.

What if I run out of rentals before my subscription renews?

If more rentals are needed before the subscription renews, the rental tier can be upgraded by paying the difference in price to activate more rentals. After paying for the additional rentals, the subscription tier can be downgraded so the subscription auto-renews at the preferred tier.

If you add rentals in the middle of your billing period, they are available to use for 30 days from the date they were added.

Will I need to rent songs that I’ve already purchased?

No. Purchased songs can be loaded into the Playback app without using one of your available rentals. Playback will recognize the song is in a Purchased Library and will prevent the account from using a rental.

Can I give other worship leaders on my team access to my subscription?

Absolutely! Team Leader's rental access can be given or removed by assigning a Playback Rental Seat on the People Page of the account. Every song that's rented will use an available rental. Any songs that have already been rented will remain active until that rental time expires. Rentals are per device and cannot be shared across multiple devices.

Do Unused rentals rollover?

Unused Rentals do not rollover month to month and will expire 30 days from the purchase date.

Can I use my rentals in another software?

Playback Rentals are only available in Playback. This allows us to uniquely tie each song to your account and device. This also allows us to offer original artist master recordings at such an affordable price.

Should I use Playback Rentals to rehearse my team?

While this could be possible, this would not be an affordable option. We recommend sharing the rental subscriptions with leaders or music directors that are choosing songs for services and downloading them to Playback to lead in a service. For rehearsal, we’d recommend pairing Playback Rentals with RehearsalMix® which allows team members to rehearse and learn the tracks from anywhere.
Learn about RehearsalMix

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