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Which Track Product Is Right For Me?
Which Track Product Is Right For Me?

M4A/Wav, AppTrack, CustomMix, or Accompaniment track? Which is best for you?

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The songs in our expansive catalog come in four different 'backing track' products. All of them offer different levels of customization to fit specific needs. This guide can help you discover which version of the tracks are right for you. We also offer different subscriptions and products. Learn more here.

Intro Information:

  • All four types of track products can be used natively in the Playback app at no extra cost or work.

  • All track product purchases can be 'upgraded' to the higher track product by paying the difference in price. So if you purchase an Accompaniment Track, and then realize later on you'd like the AppTrack, you can upgrade the song to the AppTrack for just the difference in cost!


Multitrack: ($35/35 credits(M4A) or $39/39 credits(Wav) per track)

M4A and WAV File Multitracks are the original mastered stems that can be downloaded and used in any multitrack audio software. The M4A and WAV options are two different file formats that the tracks are available in. Most Multitracks are available in all 12 keys. (Note: These can be used natively in the Playback app)

AppTrack: ($29 or 29 credits per track)

Stems from the original master recording that can be downloaded and used only in the Playback app. Most AppTracks are available in all 12 keys and all available keys are included in the purchase.

CustomMix: ($12 or 12 Credits per track)

A custom stereo back tracking that can be mixed prior to download. Most tracks are available in all 12 keys, but the CustomMix download only includes one key that you choose.

Accompaniment Track: ($8 or 8 Credits per track)

The original master recording without Lead Vocals. Accompaniment tracks are only available in the original key and the two neighboring keys (One step up and one step down). The download includes the three keys; each key including a track with background vocals and a track without background vocals.

Playback Rentals: (Starting at $59.99 for 16 AppTracks every month)
A monthly subscription to use weekly-rented AppTracks in the Playback app.

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