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Learn how to get started with your purchased accompaniment tracks and use them in a live performance setting.

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The catalog includes over 14,000 songs, each featuring a variety of tracks products for your unique needs and budget. To learn about all of our tracks products, visit our website.

What is an Accompaniment Track?

An Accompaniment Track is the entire original master recording without lead vocals. Accompaniment Tracks are only available in the original key and the two neighboring keys (One half step up and one half step down).

Each Accompaniment Track purchase comes as a digital audio M4A download and includes the following:

  • Instrumental stereo track with background vocals in hi, mid, and low keys

  • Instrumental stereo track without background vocals in hi, mid, and low keys

Please note that Accompaniment Tracks are available exclusively as M4A digital downloads and are not available as a hard disk purchase.

How to Use An Accompaniment Track

  • 1. Purchase the Accompaniment Track. Find the song for which you want to purchase an Accompaniment Track on Navigate to the Song Details page, choose the track's key, and purchase the song. Once again, Accompaniment Tracks cannot be purchased as hard disks - they are available exclusively as digital audio downloads.

  • 2. Download the Accompaniment Track on your computer. Once you have completed your purchase, press the "Download" button on the order receipt to download your Accompaniment Track .zip file onto your computer. This ZIP file contains every M4A audio file described above.

  • 3. Open the Accompaniment Track folder to access your digital audio files. These M4A files are now on your computer and can be easily imported into any DAW or music player.

  • Option 2: Import into Playback. Need to simply load your purchased Accompaniment Tracks on your phone and press play? Using our free iOS app Playback, any purchased tracks can be loaded and sent out of your iPhone/iPad's audio output and into your sound system. Once your Accompaniment Track is purchased, log into Playback with your account, press "Add A Song," and navigate to your Library where the song will be available for you to add to your setlist.

Watch this video to get started with using your tracks in Playback for free.

Learn more about Accompaniment Tracks here.

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