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Playback Rental Transfer (NEW)

New in Playback, Transfer rentals in a setlist from one device to another as a one-time transfer.

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Playback Version 8.1.8 is currently only available in our Playback Closed Beta.

Before getting started:

  • Requires Playback Version 8.1.8 or newer.

  • Requires that an organization has at least one other Playback device logged in as any user under the same organization that has access to the setlist.

    • The user receiving the rental transfers will need Playback Rental Permission, and access to the setlist by being an admin, or added to the setlist.

Notable Information:

  • Playback Rentals can only be transferred in the context of a setlist.

  • Playback Rentals can only be transferred a single time, from one device to another. After a particular rental is transferred, it cannot be transferred to another device again.

How to | Transfer Rentals

  1. Open the Setlist menu from the top-right corner of the Playback app.

  2. If transferring rentals from the currently-opened setlist, simply click on the setlist name under the "Current Setlist" area in the setlist menu to open the setlist details, and select "Transfer Rentals to another device.

  3. A menu will appear that shows all the people* on the that are eligible for a rental transfer. Simply select the person, and then which device the rentals need to be transferred to.
    *only people with Playback Rentals Permission will be shown. Manage Playback Rental Permission from the People Page on


  • After the rentals are transferred the tracks will be removed on original device leaving only the click and guide tracks.

  • After the rentals are transferred, the rentals will only be accessible on that new device, and cannot be transferred again.

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