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Playback Intro, Pro, Premium, Playback Team Sharing, and Playback Rentals explained.

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Playback is the center of the Connected stage being the tracks player that powers the experience. Playback has continued to help churches of all sizes; including single individuals leading worship for less than 100, and even the largest multi-site ministries in the world. In this article, we'll explain all of the possible subscriptions related to the Playback app, and what might be best for you and your situation!

Features, Content, and Access

All subscriptions for Playback can be categorized in three buckets; Track Products, Features, and Access. The first subscription's we'll talk about are the Feature Subscriptions.


The following feature subscriptions unlock features within the Playback app or the whole ecosystem, that allow someone to utilize the more advanced features available in Playback. Playback Pro and Premium do not offer any content in Playback, so content would need to be purchased or rented separately (More info below).

  • Playback INTRO
    A free tier of Playback that has limited feature sets, only usable on iOS and iPadOS.

  • Playback PRO
    A middle-tier of Playback that unlocks features suitable for most small and mid-sized ministries wanting to run Playback from an iOS or iPadOS device.

  • Playback PREMIUM
    The full feature-set of Playback, including all future features as well.

  • Cloud Pro INTRO or higher
    Cloud Pro tiers includes features and some bundled subscriptions to enhance the Playback features even further with the power of the Ecosystem. More info in the Cloud Pro section of this article.

For full pricing and Playback feature breakdown see:
Playback Tier Pricing or Cloud Pro Pricing

Playback Content

Aside from the features available in Playback, most users will need content to utilize in the Playback app. Content can include, your own music you upload to the cloud, ANY purchased tracks from, and even rented multitracks at an affordable price.

  • Playback Rentals
    The most popular, and simplest and most affordable way to run full multitracks, ever. (Playback Rentals Pricing)

  • Purchased Track Products
    Accompaniment Tracks, CustomMix tracks, AppTracks, and full multitracks purchased from are immediately accessible to anyone with Playback access. (Which Track Product is right for me?)

  • Purchased Sounds Content
    Ambient Pads and Soundbeds from our Producer libraries are available directly in Playback. Infinitely loop an ambient pad with any song, or by itself, or use a sounbed underneath a teaching or ministry moment.

  • Uploaded Cloud Content
    Use original content directly in Playback with Cloud Songs.
    *Requires a Cloud Pro Subscription. (Cloud Pro Pricing)

  • Click and Guide Cloud Pro Content
    The click and guide tracks for every song in our catalogue included in all cloud Pro tiers. (Cloud Pro Pricing)

Playback Access

Beyond the features and content in Playback, comes a third category of subscriptions for access to Playback app. These subscriptions are for sharing Playback Access with others within a ministry or organization.

Playback Team Sharing
Playback Team Sharing is a license to share your library access in Playback, with other users in your organization. In short, this means that for multiple people to access purchased track products, purchased sounds content, or uploaded cloud content, anyone (other than the original Organization Admin) would need a Playback Team Sharing Seat. Other useful facts about Playback Team Sharing

  • Playback Team Sharing seats are most often utilized when an organization is purchasing all of their track products, and needing to have multiple people within their organization collaborate on setlists.

  • Playback Team Sharing does not include the sharing of rentals, as rentals are device specific. Organizations that rent all of their Playback content, may not ever have a need for Playback Team Sharing seats, since they're really only for purchased content and cloud content.

  • The Creator/Original Organization Admin of a account is granted FREE instant access to Playback via a locked Playback Team Sharing seat. This seat is always active on the longest-standing Organization Admin on a particular organization.

  • Playback Team Sharing cannot be used to share purchased content across multiple locations, as purchased track products are only licensed for use at individual physical locations. (Learn more)

  • Cloud Pro includes Playback Team Sharing seats for those purchasing tracks, purchasing sounds products, or uploading tracks to the cloud and needing to share that content with other Playback users, most often other Music Directors or leaders collaborating on setlists.

Cloud Pro

Cloud Pro is a hybrid subscription, because it includes a little from both of the above Playback categories. Some Cloud Pro tiers include all features, content, and Access, which we'll explain below.

  • Content in tiers

    • Click and Guides
      ALL Cloud Pro tiers unlock the click and guide for EVERY song in the for the Playback app.

    • Production Cues
      Higher tiers of Cloud Pro include MIDI content accessible in the Playback app to automate Propresenter Templates and/or StageReady Song Specific Patches.

  • Feature Subscriptions included in some tiers

    • Some higher tiers of Cloud Pro include 1 Playback Pro seat, or 1 or more Playback Premium seats.

  • Playback Team Sharing Access in most tiers

    • Most tiers of Cloud Pro include Playback Team Sharing seats as an extra value. As explained in the Playback Access section, not all organizations will utilize most or any of these, especially if they're primarily renting content.

For more information see Cloud Pro Pricing and Tiers

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