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Intro to Song Pads

Learn how to stay in the moment with Song Specific Ambient Pads crafted to match the style and sound of songs in our Catalog.

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What is a Song Pad?

Song Pads are custom built pads crafted to match over 500+ songs in the Catalog. Song Pads can set the tone before a song begins and continue the moment after tracks end.

Each Song Pad is uniquely designed to match the sound and style of a specific song in the Catalog. Our growing Catalog of Song Pads is available exclusively in Playback.

How do I use Song Pads?

  • The Live Bundle unlocks the entire Catalog of Song Specific Ambient Pads for use exclusively in the Pad Player in Playback.

  • Song Pads are available in the Pad Player interface and are automatically assigned to play underneath the corresponding song, when a song is loaded.

How do I get started?

  • Visit this webpage to learn everything there is to know about getting started with Song Pads.

  • Watch the video below for an overview on using Song Pads in Playback.

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