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HOW TO | AutoPan in Playback

Information on AutoPan in Playback; smart routing with a single stereo output.

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What Is AutoPan?

AutoPan will automatically pan the Click Track and the Guide Cues to the left channel and the tracks out the right channel. This allows Playback to be used for running tracks without an audio interface through the stereo output of your iOS device, or through an interface that only has two outputs.

How to Enable/Disable?

Enable AutoPan with the following steps:

  1. Open Settings in the menu in the top right corner of Playback

  2. Tap on the General tab. This can be found in the top left of the following menu.

  3. Toggle the Auto-Pan button On/Off

The Click Track and Guide Cues will now be sent to the left channel of your iOS device, and all the tracks will be sent to the right channel.

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