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How To | Create & Edit Cloud Song Sections in Playback
How To | Create & Edit Cloud Song Sections in Playback

Learn how to add song section markers to any Cloud Song directly in Playback.

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Upload original songs and load custom audio tracks in Playback with a Cloud Pro subscription. Once tracks have been uploaded on (learn how video link), song section markers can be added directly in Playback. Song section markers unlock powerful Playback features such as dynamic guide cues, looping and live ReOrdering between sections, custom song arrangements, and more.

Note: Making song section changes to a cloud song will reset the song map to default in any existing saved arrangements.

How to unlock Cloud Section Editing

  • Section Marker editing is available for Cloud Songs only.

  • Cloud Songs can be uploaded with every tier of Cloud Pro.

  • Users with a Team Leader permission or higher can edit cloud section markers for their organization in Playback. Learn more about Team Permissions here.

How To Edit Cloud Song Sections

Add Song Section Markers

When a Cloud Song is first opened in Playback, the entire waveform will be labeled as an “Intro” song section. Scroll to any bar and press the + button to add additional song sections.

  • Tap EDIT and then select "Cloud Song Sections" Edit Mode from the drawer.

  • Scroll to any bar and tap the + button to add a Song section

  • Select the section name and press Add

Pro Tip: In order to utilize Playback’s built-in count off for the beginning of the song, change the first song section to a Count Off and then add the first song section (whenever the band comes in) 1-2 bars after the count off.

Changing a marker’s song section

  • Tap on the section marker bubble to open the Edit Section Marker menu

  • Tap the “Song Section” cell to choose a new song section label

  • Press Update to confirm changes

Moving a Song Section Marker

Method 1: Quick Menu moving

  • While hovering over a song section, Tap the 3 dot quick menu

  • Tap Move Song Section

  • Use the left and right arrows to move the song section marker by measure along the waveform

  • Press the checkmark to confirm changes

Method 2: Using the Edit Marker Menu

  • Tap a section marker bubble to open the Edit Section Marker menu

  • Tap the “Bar” or “Timecode” cells to move a song section

  • Timecode only recommended for advanced users

  • Press Update to confirm changes

Saving Song Section Markers

Since song section markers can be created online and in Playback and affect every saved song arrangement, choosing to Save To Cloud will overwrite the default song sections stored in your Library.

Don’t Save to Cloud: Changes made to song section markers will be local only in the current setlist.

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