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Cloud Song FAQs

Frequently asked questions around uploading Cloud Songs to your library and editing them in Playback.

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For full information on uploading cloud songs, see: HOW TO | Upload Cloud Song Tracks

Why are my tracks not processing?

Tracks not processing are usually caused be one of two things:

  1. Incorrect File types that don’t match our requirements or recommendations. (See Upload requirements here: )

  2. One or more audio files is a dead track; meaning there is not audio in one or more of the audio files. All audio files uploaded must include some type of audio information in them and can’t be empty audio tracks.

If you’re still experiencing upload or processing issues, see Cloud Song Troubleshooting or contact our support team using the chat below and we’ll make sure to get your issues resolved. ↘️

How do I add a Count In section to my Cloud Song?

Once a Cloud Song is created in your Library and tracks are uploaded, the entire duration of the tracks starts as an Intro song section at timecode 00:00:000. Song sections can be added via timecode online, or directly on the grid in Playback. The easiest way to add section markers is in Playback.

While the Cloud Song is loaded and selected in Playback:

  • Long-press EDIT in Playback and select the Cloud Song Sections mode.

  • Tap the "Intro" song section bubble to open the edit song section menu, where you can then switch the section from Intro to Count-In.

  • Scroll two measures forward to bar 3 and tap the + button to add a new song section. This will start the song with a 2-bar count-in that leads into whichever section marker you choose.

What format should timecode be in?

When adding song sections, tempo changes, and time signatures to a Cloud Song, timecode is added to tell Playback where these events occur along the timeline.

  • Time code should be in this format:
    (00:00:000; Minutes : Seconds : Milliseconds)

  • Most DAWs display the timecode position of section markers which can be referenced when copying song sections from your DAW into Playback.

Building song sections in Playback is the best way to avoid possible timecode issues. (More Info)

How do I add a click track to my cloud song?

Playback will automatically create a built-in click track that follows the tempo and time signature for songs with multiple tracks uploaded. For additional help and info see
📖Cloud Song Click Tracks.

What User Permission is required to create a Cloud Song and upload tracks and charts?

Campus and Organization Administrators have the ability to create Cloud Songs. Learn more here about 📖User Roles and Permissions.

How do I enable the Guide Cues on my Cloud Song?

In order for Playback to display an audio guide stem to use, you will need an audio file uploaded with your other stems in the cloud song that's designated as one of the "guide" options from the drop-down menu in the tracks settings of your cloud song. There are two options to designate your audio file and these are important when telling Playback what to do.

  • Guide (Non-Dynamic) is the setting you want to choose if you want Playback to play the vocal audio guide audio track that was uploaded. Use this label on the stem if you uploaded an audio guide track and don't intend to make arrangement changes or extensive song sections in the Playback app.
    Note: Using this setting, the audio guide will not change dynamically with any song sections changes so the guide could call out incorrect song sections if alternative arrangements are made in the app.

  • Guide (Dynamic) is the setting you want to choose if you want to build song sections, and have the guide track dynamically change with any song sections you move around!

For more information, see: 📖Cloud Song Guide Cues

Why are my Song Sections stopping in Playback?

Cloud Song Song Sections may stop like this in the Playback app when the timecode for a song section is not accurate to the millisecond. If you're unable to get reliable timecode, we recommend restarting with the song section markers and building them all in the Playback app. For additional information see: Cloud Song Troubleshooting.

Note: If you're using Logic Pro X, the default Timecode setting will need to be changed.
Timecode should be in the format 00:00:000 (Minutes : Seconds : Milliseconds)

How do I make my Cloud Song available in all 12 keys?

Cloud songs only need to be uploaded in a single key and then can be transposed to ALL 12 keys in the Playback app using an advanced algorithm. If you have two different ‘versions’ or recordings of your cloud song in two different keys (a male and female key for example), then you can upload those as two separate cloud songs.

Otherwise, to get your song available in ALL 12 keys in the app, all you need to do is upload the original key, download that original key within the Playback app, and then, after downloaded, change the key of the song within the song’s edit menu.

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