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HOW TO | Cloud Song Click Tracks
HOW TO | Cloud Song Click Tracks

How to ensure your cloud song has a click track present.

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  • Introduction

  • Using Playback’s Built-in Click Track (Recommended)

  • Using an Uploaded Audio file Click Track

  • Troubleshooting Click Track issues with Cloud songs


Playback has the ability to generate a click track for every cloud song, so it’s important to understand how this works, to get the most detail and accuracy in your cloud songs.

Using Playback’s Built-in Click Track (Recommended)

When dealing with cloud songs, we highly recommend using one of Playback’s built-in click tracks in the Playback app. To ensure this is setup, correctly, first make sure your Click Sound setting in Playback is set to one of the “BUILT IN” options.

The next step is making sure your click track is accurate in Playback. Confirm that your BPM is accurate in the song details on, and also make sure any Tempo Changes are entered on the Tempo Changes tab for the cloud song using timecode accurate to the millisecond.

For more information on Tempo Changes see HOW TO | Add Tempo Changes to Cloud Songs.

Using an Uploaded Audio file Click Track

With a majority of cloud songs, we would recommend using Playback’s built-in click track that’s generated. But in some scenarios, you may need to use your uploaded click track audio file as your click.

To do this, you’ll need to change Playback’s global Click Sound setting. Head to Settings > General Tab > Click Sound, and change the sound to “Downloaded” from the options.

Note: Changing this setting will change the click sound to “Downloaded” for every song in Playback. So you’ll need to make sure each cloud song has an uploaded click track.

Troubleshooting Cloud Song Click Tracks

Why isn’t the click panning with Auto-Pan correctly?

If a cloud song’s click track in Playback is not panning correctly with the rest of the tracks, or busses like you’re expecting, it’s possible the click track audio file has not been designated correctly. You will need to designate the click track from the drop-down menu on the website as a “Click Track,” or make adjustments to the designated track in the “Tracks” menu in Playback’s settings to route the click correctly.

What if I’m using a stereo Panned Audio File?

When uploading a single stereo audio file, you will have two options to choose from when naming the track.

  1. Original Song - Tells our system that you only have a stereo audio file that DOES NOT have any click and guide tracks panned. If you're uploading a single stereo audio file that's a backing track without click and guide, this is the correct option.

  2. Stereo Click + Tracks - Tells our system that this audio file has all of the tracks panned to one side (Right) and the click and/or guide panned to the other side (Left).

Not hearing the click track in your song?

Check the time codes inputed for any song sections or time-signature changes.
Having any error in Song Section, or Time Signature time codes can cause issues with the click engine. Using a DAW can ensure all timecode information is accurate to the millisecond. (Note: Song Sections can also be built in Playback for the most accurate info).

Why is my click not lining up?

There are usually three common causes for the click not lining up in Playback:

  1. MP3 file warping when exporting from software
    The most common issue for this is when utilizing MP3 files.
    If you're importing a zip containing MP3 files, there is possibly an issue in the conversion/export process when this Mp3 was created. When higher-quality audio files are converted to MP3, empty space is added to the front of all the audio stems. This extra space will render the tracks unusable with the grid in Playback. Therefore, we suggest removing this extra space after converting the files, or uploading WAV or M4A files for the best results.

  2. 6/8 Time Signature Confusion
    Playback calculates 6/8 time signature using the industry standard quarter note BPM. This behavior is consistent across music software including Ableton, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and others.
    You may have inputted 6/8 BPM incorrectly using the dotted quarter for the calculation which would not be what we're expecting. To convert your tempo correctly, simply multiply your dotted-quarter tempo by 3, and then divide that resulting number by 2. (You're first multiplying by 3 to calculate the eighth note tempo, and then dividing by 2 to calculate the quarter note BPM that Playback is expecting.

  3. Other Possible Causes
    If you're not uploading MP3 files, the issue may be related to your tracks not being properly lined up to a grid in a DAW when uploading to the cloud. You can resolve by loading the tracks in a DAW to trim the audio accordingly and line it up to the correct tempo grid

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